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November 12, 2022 IntersailClub
Why choose a Flotilla sailing experience?

Why choose a Flotilla sailing experience?

Define your dream sailing holiday.  Is it spending the day sailing through unique destinations and your evenings socializing with new friends, enjoying the warm breeze and a few cool drinks? Is it a fun filled family vacation, where you get to relax and chat with like-minded people while the kids make lifelong friends?  Is it being able to sail your own yacht; taking your family and friends to unique destinations, knowing that you have help on hand if you run into trouble? If you answered yes to any of these, a Flotilla is the answer.


Ibiza and Fromentera Fleet

The term Flotilla is derived from Spanish and means a small “flota” or fleet of ships.  It is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of cruising.  INTERSAILCLUB offers you the opportunity to hop aboard and sail with a fleet of other yachts to explore the wonders of Turkey and the unique coastline along the Balearic Islands.


The Exotic Turkey


Sailing in unfamiliar waters in a foreign country can be challenging and overwhelming.  By joining a flotilla, you will benefit from the local knowledge and support of experienced lead yacht crew, who know the area and are there to assist you if needed.  Every morning starts with a daily briefing, covering the route, weather and points of interest along the way.  Once you reach your final destination, they will be on hand waiting to catch your lines and assist with mooring.


The lead crew is always on hand to assist or advise you if you run into any trouble.  They are your link with local people, and can give you information about sightseeing, cultural hotspots, local shopping and great restaurants. In addition, they often organize parties, beach picnics, fun barbecues and regattas to add to the enjoyment.

1239020_10151771734158236_1787311740_nFlotilla sailing is the perfect balance between the independence of bare-boat sailing and the support of a skippered yacht.  Specially chosen itineraries ensure you visit some of the best anchorages, while still allowing you to take as much time for free sailing as you like; dropping anchor for a swim in warm, clear waters, relaxed in the knowledge that you have a support crew nearby whenever you need them

Some of the advantages are:

·         It’s the most fun way to sail!  You will soon be making friends with other crews, sharing amusing sailing anecdotes over sun-downers and late night parties aboard.

·         Less experienced skippers can benefit from the support and advice of the lead boat.  Likewise, more experienced skippers can relax and enjoy the scenic route.

·         You don’t have to worry about planning your route, the lead skipper will give you an outline on the week’s sailing and give you advice on the best sightseeing spots along the way.

·        The anticipation of sailing into a new harbor for the first time is always exciting, and can be overwhelming for inexperienced sailors. Having someone on hand to assist you with mooring takes this weight off your shoulders.

·         You get to sail your own yacht with the full support of the lead crew to advise you and assist you should you find yourself in trouble.  You will learn from this and it is a great way to build up your confidence and experience.


·         If you do not have a qualified/experienced skipper as part of your group, you can always charter a boat with a skipper on board.

·         Some Flotilla organizers have planned events for the group to enjoy and on most cruises, there are a few impromptu parties on one or many of the yachts.

·         Flotilla organizers not only organize social events, but sometimes may assist with provisioning and fueling that bareboat charters don’t always offer, giving you great value for money.

·         In the school holidays, Flotilla organizers often have cruises based on families so that kids can make friends with others of a similar age while the parents enjoy time with like minded travelers.

·         Some companies operate flotilla yachts where you can join a crew as an individual or couple, meaning you don’t have to miss out on the fun if you are traveling alone.

·         You get to meet people with similar interests and share the excitement of discovering new sailing destinations together.

·         If you are interested exploring the sights and sounds of your evening ports and no one on your boat wants to join, you are almost guaranteed to find someone else that is keen to join you.

·         Flotilla organizers usually have various types of cruises, to enhance your sailing experience. Among these are family orientated cruises, with events and activities for kids and adults to enjoy – there is plenty going on afloat and ashore to keep the entire family happy.  Others target the 21-35 age group, offering a combination of the ultimate sailing adventure with both organized and impromptu parties at night.

Stop daydreaming and visit our website to book your perfect flotilla experience, whether it is sailing the azure waters of Turkey, or along the pure white coastline in the Balearic islands,  this is will an experience you will never forget!

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