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March 22, 2018 IntersailClub
Discovering Caccamo and Sailing Sicily

Discovering Caccamo and Sailing Sicily

Caccamo is a lovely medieval village. In Caccamo is located the biggest Chiaramontano Castle of Italy and it was ruled for centuries by the Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, Chiaramonte, French.

More the legend then the story says that the city was founded around the IV – V century BC by the Carthaginians (as a result of the defeat in 480 BC at Himera) when a group of them, survived the disaster fled to the interior and founded a city to which they gave the name Caccamo. The historic Agostino Inveges called the city the “Carthage of Sicily.”

Caccamo conserves an artistic-monumental estimated greatness. Matteo Bonello and the conspiracy of the barons in 1161 against William the Bad page represent the most’ important History of the City ‘, more ‘than 30 churches, paintings by Flemish painters, a baptismal font from the school of Cagini and more.


Caccamo Castle

Medieval myths and legends are wisely told by the guides to make your stay an unforgettable experience in Caccamo.

A plunge in the history of the Middle Ages, with Princes, Princesses, Knights and Jesters. Battles and tortures.

Everything expertly accompanied by the traditional flavors of the Sicilian cuisine.  Noble olive oil, traditional local products, selected meats.

The most important traditional products are the “Salsiccia Pasqualora”, a salami cut by knife made of local pig meats and Bucellati, tipical Christmas desserts filled with fig and almond paste.

Well suggested are the trekking paths to Mount Calogero and horse rides at Rosmarina Lake. In the town you can stay at the beautiful hotel in relax and contact with nature and art.

Caccamo is a beautiful town for Art and Nature. Reachable by the Falcone and Borsellino Airport at 70km or by the Palermo airport at 35 km By train at the Termini Imerese Station 9 km.


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