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March 3, 2021 IntersailClub
Mediterranean Sailing Experience – Cabin Charter in Italy, Greece and Spain

Mediterranean Sailing Experience – Cabin Charter in Italy, Greece and Spain

Mediterranean Islands – Cruise Finder!

We’re your yachting matchmaker, helping you to find the perfect boat with like-minded people for a unique yacht-share experience. Alternatively, private charters are also available. We put you in control by connecting with selected boat owners, captains and charter agencies, comparing their offers and seeing who they are.

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Mediterranean Theme Cruises – Most popular Best Cruises


1. Tango and Sail

 During this trip we invite our guest  not only to spend days cruising seven little volcanic islands but also learning to dance the Tango in the most idyllic setting. On the board we’ve invited Raquel Greenberg, Tango Teacher of the Year 2014 and Lukas winner who will be on board to give classes according to the dance experience of the people.


Tango & Sail

We love giving our clients a taste of the local lifestyle, and our Wine & Sail and Cous Cous Cruise are two itineraries that are truly unique.

2. Wine & Sail,  during this flotilla experience You can taste the best local Italian cuisine and sample the very best wine produced in the region.

3. Cous Cous Cruise , You can eat the best Cous cous ever and be part of the unique culinary event “Cous Cous Festival” in the village of San Vito Lo Capo (west of Sicily).

We have also prepare something for nature enthusiasts with 4. Fire & Sail our guest can see the magic of the Fire Arts in Stromboli.

Fire & Sail

Who still haven’t seen the famous 5. enchanting  Aleolian should do it this summer.

With us You can also discover the Balearic islands on this 7 day cruise through some of the biggest hot spots of the Mediterranean which is of course 6. Ibiza & Formentera, and for this moment you can win the free enter on the board. Don’t miss it and check it.

The coasts of Turkey may surprise with their views more than many tropical destinations that’s way among our top destination we have 7. The Exotic Turkey.

 For all of you who would like to see as much as possible while in Croatia we invite 8.explore Croatia as an insider!

9. The Kornati archipelago and 10. Ionian Greek Isands

The Kornati archipelago

The Kornati archipelago

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