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December 21, 2017 IntersailClub
Best Themed Cruises 2015, Italy

Best Themed Cruises 2015, Italy

You can choose exactly how you want to travel, but Intersailclub offers new ways of adventure, freedom and fun that you’ve never seen before. There are big decisions to be made when planning and booking a vacation, so the question is how does one do it right? Our beautiful planet has a myriad of destinations, each with it’s own wonders and mysteries for us to explore. Once you decided where you want to be, imagine yourself there on a yacht leaving the rest of the world behind. Yet, Intersailclub mixes cuisine, culture, nature, serenity, and style all inside the sailing experience. What makes this so selectable over other travel ideas is that Intersailclub offers worldwide sailings with easy and innovative booking options, and perhaps most exciting; themed sailing experiences.

Wine and Sail Tour

c265096d2500a87999e1311ce85beccf-dd4c1-fit-1920-1080There is endless fun and culture on-board the Wine & Sail Tour, a Flotilla cruise sailing off the southwest coast of Italy this summer. Flotilla cruises are the ultimate way to get ship-shape and experience social sailing. There is a perfect balance between independence and cruising together with other yachts. During the itinerary you will indulge in authentic Southern Italian cuisine, the most sensational local wines, and refreshing drinks on the beach at Furore Amalfi. Discover Italian treasures such as Procida, Ischia and Capri.

Fire and Sail

The Fire & Sail cruise will possibly be the hottest vacation you ever took. On a 2012 Sun Odyssey yacht, you will sail to one of the most active volcanic destinations of the world, the Aeolian Islands. Turquoise seawater, charming Sicilian villages, exciting geology, remains of ancient civilizations and volcanic activity all await you. Not to mention the delicious Italian cuisine and the breathtaking beaches. Bathe in thermal springs and mud baths, snorkel in sulfurean bubbles and secret grottos, take a dip in the Pool of Venus, and eat the best cannoli to be found. Celebrate the “Festa del Fuoco” (Festival of Fire) on the island of Stromboli, where liquid lava erupts several times a day. From the yacht, watch orange glowing lapillus free-fall into the sea. This exciting, yet safe journey is perfect for one who loves nature and relaxation.

Stromboli Island

Stromboli Island

Tango and Sail

There’s something steaming up in the seven little volcanic islands on the north coast of Sicily this July. The Aeolian Islands welcome you and Raquel Greenberg, an internationally acclaimed Tango instructor and recent winner of the Latin UK awards, on-board a Kanter Ketch mega-yacht. Sail this volcanic archipelago and learn the art of the Tango in the most idyllic and romantic scenery, from a renowned professional. Eat Spaghetti al Fuoco on the island of Salina, snorkel in the pumice-azul waters of Panarea and admire the mesmerizing eruptions from the island of Stromboli under the Mediterranean moonlight.

Lemon Sail

Lemons are a worldwide symbol of the most magnificent coastline of the Mediterranean, the Amalfi Coast. This September you can experience this citrus adventure, the Lemon Sail, on-board a 2007 Beneteau yacht. Explore the steep cliffs that plunge into the blue sea, holding up winding roads and pastel colored dwellings.

limoncello-CF018156On this cruise you will smell an intense bouquet of lemon groves, wine vineyards and the fresh salty air. Aside from the Limoncello and exclusive shopping, you will get to sail to favorite getaway destinations of Roman emperors, enjoy Zuppa di Calamari & Gamberi with a glass of Inzolia and take in some of the most impressive scenery that Italy possesses.

Cous Cous Cruise

Sail and Celebrate the annual Cous Cous Festival this September on-board a 2008 Oceanis Clipper through the Aegadian Islands. From Palermo, the Cous Cous cruise takes on Sicilian winds and blends together rich Euro-Mediterranean cultures and gastronomic integration. See the distinct beige cliffs meet the warm crystal clear sea. Experience the outstanding wildlife and hospitality on the island of Favignana. Once at San Vito Lo Capo, you will enjoy street food from open-aired tents, musical concerts and one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy.

Intersailclub brings something new to the sea. It is the first socially-driven online cabin charter booking platform. Picking a theme for your cruise is just one way to personalize your vacation. Intersailclub also allows you to connect with like-minded travelers before you sail, book with flexible and unlimited options, and fill a yacht with people you like. There are yachts waiting for you now to live your dream in the most beautiful destinations all over the world like Croatia and Ibiza. Design your perfect holiday and jump in all the fun:



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