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December 29, 2017 IntersailClub
What’s in a Crossing Charter?

What’s in a Crossing Charter?

Crossing Charters are the new trend in the world of sailing holidays. For those looking for a little bit more than just a sit-back-and-relax type of sailing trip, ‘crossing charters’ offer the possibility of a somewhat more proactive experience, coupled with extra excitement, fun and a feeling of achievement…so what’s not to like?

Crossing Charter Sardinia

Crossing Charter Sardinia

Rather than just doing a loop itinerary, these trips tend to start and end at two different points, giving travellers a chance to cover more distance. And while island hopping is still part of the schedule, a crossing charter journey also entails open sea sailing (the so called ‘crossing’) which can range from anything like 24 hours to four consecutive days, during which passengers can feel (if they wish) the thrill of sailing, hands-on. Or for those of a more supine-disposition, an open crossing can afford a chance to spot dolphins or wales and also be an incredible stargazing experience.

Crossing charters come in different shapes and forms, that is varying itineraries and difficulty degrees, and they are scheduled both during the summer and winter months: most travellers are therefore bound to find one to suit their geographic and climatic preferences, and to indulge their thrill seeking needs. They can be booked by individual travellers or groups alike, and prices range from 800Eur per person to around 1600Eur, excluding flights.

Crossing Charter Sardinia

Crossing Charter Sardinia

The next Intersailclub Crossing Charter will depart on 10th August from Sardinia, head to Pontine Islands and conclude on 17th September in Procida Island.


Beautiful bays and coves, as well as ancient fortresses await, and while out at sea, there will be plenty of opportunity to relax on deck, cook, enjoy sunrises and sunsets, stargaze, and who knows, maybe even spot a few dolphins or wales.  And for those with itchy fingers, a chance to learn sailing and to participate in steering watch turns.


For more information about this trip and other sailing holidays, visit Intersailclub or write us message .

We hope to see you aboard soon.



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