Discover Cuba in Scuba

Discover Cuba in Scuba 28 January 2017 - 4 February 2017

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price / person 1300
yacht price 11200
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Price per person
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All cabins Shared € 1300

Included in the price

-Food, beverages, snacks, local alcohol
-Skipper & mariner on board
-Cleaning & toiletries
-Divemaster on board
-Dives (no extra charge for dives per day)
-Tanks, weights, and belts

Extra services

- Car transfer
- Local land activities

Additional fees

-Government marina fee of 75 euro per week

Minimum guest for departure - 8 persons

No one on board yet, 8 more persons needed.

Entire yacht price

Price Includes:


-Food, beverages, snacks, local alcohol
-Skipper & mariner on board
-Cleaning & toiletries
-Divemaster on board
-Dives (no extra charge for dives per day)
-Tanks, weights, and belts


Additional Fees:

-Government marina fee of 75 euro per week


Extra services:

- Car transfer
- Local land activities


Discover Cuba in Scuba
Experience a different kind of live aboard on our beautiful yacht, naturally sailing on the sea and breathing the fresh Cuban air.

Your trip will take you across a mix of adventure, relaxation, culture, and the best dives in the Caribbean. All sailing tour and diving tours include options with excurions, shows, beach breaks, and more. Our expert divemaster, on board every trip, has exclusive knowledge of the best, untouched dive sites and the best bays to make this a sailing adventure to be remembered!


Our itinerary starts and ends in Cienfuegos, During the week we will visit and dive in Rancho Luna, Cayo Trabuco, Cayo Sigua, Cayo Largo and Jagua Bank. Our Sailing cruise, will include:

2 dives, Rancho Luna
6 dives, Cayo Sigua
4 dives, Cayo Largo


The core of our program are 2 blue holes, 1 cave dive, and a Fluorescent night dive .
Or you can add a dive of your choice (including cliff diving, advanced dives, and underwater fishing)


Let's sail and dive togheter!

Day 1
meet up for embarkation.
Day 2
Rancho Luna
Located just outside of Cienfuegos, this spot is a very good place to do the first dive for those who are eager to get into it right away. Here we will enjoy the captivating coral landscapes often referred to as “The Labyrinth”.
Day 3
Cayo Trabuco
Located about 40 nm off the main coast this diving spot is for experienced divers only as there is a strong current in the area that allows to do a drift dive, but could present difficulties for those that have never made such a dive.
Day 4
Cayo Sigua
This will be our main stop as it is the best dive spot in the north-west part of Cuba. It is far outside of the day charter reach, and thus has remained pristine and untouched for decades. Dive sites are along vertical walls that offer the possibility to dive into an abyss. You can expect to see Groupers, Cubera Snapper, Nurse Sharks, Turtle, Sting Ray and a wide range of Caribbean fish.
Day 5
Cayo Largo
This is a famous tourist place. Our vessel may enter into Marina, equipped with a small bar and a pretty good restaurant. There is a total farm nearby, and we can visit Playa Serena with beautiful white sand.
Day 6
Jagua Bank
Jagua Bank presents an opportunity to see schools of sharks! It is located 30 miles offshore. Strong currents are often times present so this is a day of diving for experienced divers only. Occasionally, we see a whale shark
Day 7
Disembarkation at 7 AM.
Vision III is your dream yacht. It is the Sun Odyssey 54DS built in 2003 by world-class French manufacturer Jeanneau.

Jeanneau's distinctive new flagship, the Sun Odyssey 54 DS, was launched in France in the fall of 2002 with much fanfare and a bit of trepidation. "The company was looking to develop an elegant performance cruiser," said Erik Stromberg, customer-support manager for Jeanneau America. "We wanted a boat with the hull volume to accommodate today's system demands and cruising payloads, but it also had to sail well."




2003 Sun Odyssey 54 DS
16.4 m

Yacht services

Tender size
3 m
Air conditioning
Snorkeling equipment
Fishing equipment
Toys on board


Standard double cabins
Double bunks bed cabins
Private Bathrooms
Chef on board
2003 Sun Odyssey 54 DS
2003 Sun Odyssey 54 DS

Other facilities

Dive compressor and tanks on board to re-oxygenate between dives
Organizer tips
Arriving to Cuba Havana Airport, more precisely José Martí International Airport is one of the main transportation hubs in the country. Air Canada and many international carriers have lines to and from Havana. Important Documents Best travel practice: have all of your important documents scanned and forwarded to your email account. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the required documentation to enter the country (passport, visa, proof of citizenship, etc). Diving Certificates Please, remember to pack and bring your diving certificates or proof of certification. It is a good idea to double check that you had packed these away. We will require proof of certification before your first dive. Pack the most important things in your carry-on Best travel practice: pack all your diving gear: a regulator, mask, fins, swimsuit, as well as a change of clothes, toiletries and any medication you may require in your carry-on luggage. They are never delayed and handled very carefully since you have full control over them. This also goes for audio/visual equipment - take it with you on a plane. This way you have your basics covered in the event of unscheduled luggage delay. Important Diving Gear We recommend having a diving computer, and at least a 3mm wet suit. Water temperature ranges from 26C to 28C, and most drivers prefer to use a 5mm suit, booties, and hood. Communicating while on board In case of emergency, travelers will have an option to make a call to any part of the world. Application & Waiver Form A standard waiver (release of liability form) is required to be complete before departure. The captain and crew have your safety as number one on their priority list. We want you to have a safe vacation, and have developed various contingency plans to respond rapidly and effectively in the event things don’t go as desired. Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you purchase comprehensive dive, accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation insurance. That way you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected from every angle. Health & Safety Vision III has a first aid kit on board and including oxygen. We advise you to bring motion sickness medication, if you feel you require such, in addition to your standard travel medication kit. There are two hyperbaric chambers, one located relatively near Cienfuegos, Cuba, and the second one located at the Island of Youth/Isla de Pinos. They are marked on the itinerary map. Recreational Diving Limits Recreational diving as per international standards. Maximum depth: 40 meters. Decompression dives are prohibited. Nitrox is not available. Diving with rebreathes is not supported. Smoking is not allowed We respect, value, and support amazing holiday experience for everyone, including non-smokers. Therefore, smoking in common areas, inside cabins, and on deck is not allowed. Gratuities Gratuities are a very common form of showing appreciation in Cuba and are voluntary. Many Cubans rely on tipping to supplement their income. Recommended gratuity amount is 100 CUC per passenger. We reserve the right to change itinerary We make every possible effort to make sure you have safe and fun holidays. In the event of drastic weather changes (something that is out of human control) itinerary will be adjusted at the sole discretion of the captain if he believes that safety of the guests, crew and vessel is compromised. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be issued or trips re-booked for itineraries that were canceled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances
Diving Plan
2 dives, Rancho Luna 6 dives, Cayo Sigua 4 dives, Cayo Largo Or you can add a dive of your choice (including cliff diving, advanced dives, and underwater fishing)
Fish and Cook
Ask us to organize for you some underwater fishing!
Noctunarnal equipment
We are proud to offer fluorescent diving equipment to equip you on your night dives!
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