A day in the life on a Flotilla cruise

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A day in the life on a Flotilla cruise


If you are new to the concept of Flotilla sailing, you may be wondering what a typical day is like.  This is a very tricky question to answer as each day is unique and each destination holds its own treasures.  Here is an outline on what you can expect for your adventure:


Your flotilla skipper will show you to your yacht, explaining the workings of the fridge, echo-sounder, radio and other equipment that you may not be familiar with.  This is your chance to sail your own yacht and gain the knowledge and experience developed by our Flotilla leaders over the years. Should you be less-experienced, this gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are in safe hands should you encounter any difficulties.

Your lead crew will also give you first hand guidance on what groceries are available where and help you plan your meals accordingly, recommending the best shops and local marketplaces.  If you want to do a little research before hopping aboard, we have a few guidelines on provisioning your yacht.  Some Charter Companies will have a welcome aboard basket with snacks and some sparkling wine to get you started, while others may have the option of provisioning your boat in advance.

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Usually on the first evening, or early next morning, there will be a main briefing by your lead skipper.  He will introduce all the crews to the lead crew, which usually consists of a flotilla skipper and hostess.  The lead skipper will give you the highlights of your week ahead, giving you local insight into the incredible coastlines that await.


Each morning begins with the skippers briefing, where the Flotilla skipper gives you the details of that day’s destination, charts of the area, weather forecast and a route suggestion to ensure you don’t miss out on finding the secluded beaches, best snorkeling spots or tantalizing restaurants along the way. He will also give you information on any challenges or hazards you may face, how to overcome them, and what to do should you run into a problem.  Should there be a hostess, she will be able to recommend the best restaurants and cultural hot spots along the way and give you an indication on what to expect at your final destination.


Every sailor has stories of the worst harbor ever, the nightmares of tangled anchors, lines caught in the propellers and irate fishermen using their entire vocabulary to guide you out of the harbor.  The lead crew will use their experience to avoid these issues, but if needed, can hop in to untangle anchors, free mooring lines and help you on your way.

It takes a while to get accustomed to the relaxed environment, the lazy prolonged breakfasts, early morning swims and a leisurely stroll around the quayside before sailing off.  But with a fridge full of ice, an idea for lunch and a planned route, you can look forward to your first exciting day on the water


You may wish to make the most of the sea breeze and keep sailing with a sandwich in one hand, the tiller in the other and a drink propped safely in the corner, giving you more time at your port of call to explore the ruins, small towns or beaches.  Alternatively, anchor in a secluded sheltered bay, enjoy a pre lunch swim and a siesta, knowing that the only sounds you will hear is the gentle lapping of the waves against your hulls.

[caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignright" width="300"] Exotic culture of Turkey Exotic culture of Turkey

In Turkey you can look forward to the seeing the amphitheatre and the tomb of Amynthas, dug straight into the mountain, with crystal clear waters and ideal spear fishing spots. Sailing through the Balearic Islands, you can stop at one of the small islands and enjoy a mud bath, or have a stroll along the pure white beaches before setting sail again.


In the afternoon or early evening you will arrive at your port for the evening, where you will find your Flotilla leader ready to guide you into the quay and help you tie up.  The anticipation of sailing into a new harbor for the first time is always exciting and often overwhelming for inexperienced sailors.  Having a Flotilla leader on hand ensures that you don’t have to worry about finding a decent berth, trying to lay anchor in an unknown harbor or getting tangled up in the neighbours mooring lines.  Often the Flotilla skipper will choose a sheltered bay and have all the boats tied up in a raft formation, forming your own little floating town where you can move from boat to boat catching up on the day’s adventures.


After a day's sailing you always get a deeply satisfied feeling when you are safely tied up. It's a great time to share amusing anecdotes with your neighbours, have a lazy afternoon swim, finish the chapter of your book or have a snooze before dinner.  For the more energetic, you can always explore the area around the port, photographing ancient ruins and local architecture or put your bargaining skills to the test at the local markets.

There’s always something magical about seeing the sun set after a day of sailing.  Perhaps it's the ocean changing color from azure to gold, or perhaps it's the anticipation of the first gin and tonic of the evening. A quick shower, either on board or ashore, washes the day's salt away and leaves you refreshed and ready for the evening.



Then it’s time for the evening meal, where you can either head off to a recommended restaurant, or join the rest of the crews for a night of revelry. There may even be an organized event such as a beach barbecue or party for all the crews to enjoy. As darkness falls, you can return to your own yacht or to an impromptu party on one of the other yachts. Depending on the group of yachts, these parties can last late into the night and are often the highlight of the trip. If you choose to relax, you can slip off the back of the boat and enjoy the coolness of a midnight swim or stay on deck and admire the stars. Slip into your comfy bunk, or take a mattress onto the deck and let the sound of the ocean lull you to sleep.

To book your unique Flotilla experience, whether it is sailing the azure waters of Turkey, or cruising the pure white coastline in the Balearic Islands, visit our website or e-mail us on info@intersailclub.com

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