COVID-19: How Does the Yacht Industry React?

Many companies are facing the concrete risk of bankruptcy, as they try to survive in these challenging times where the uncertainty caused by the situation has stopped not only the clients from travelling in March, April and will most probably stop them in May, but is also putting a concrete stop to requests and bookings for summer, autumn and winter 2020, eliminating their prospects for future earnings.
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COVID-19: How Does the Yacht Industry React?
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The pandemic breakout of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused unprecedented travel restrictions and border closures, restricting if not outright impeding the work of the Yacht Charter Industry worldwide.

Still, the Yacht Charter Industry worldwide, from small companies to the bigger names, are all of mind in trying to infuse the market with thrust by revising their cancellation policies and offering unprecedented deals to the people who wish to book even in this climate of uncertainty.

Doctors in Cayo Largo Marina, Cuba 3rd March 2020
Doctors in Cayo Largo Marina, Cuba 3rd March 2020

Currently while the worldwide situation raises concerns, two problems seem to stand out: the charter season in the Mediterranean Sea, that was meant to start in April and be in full swing by June, a prospective that now seems to move further and further away and the late start of the virus’ spread in other countries, like America, that just recently have been decreeing restrictive measures. A situation that seems to suggest a later end to the restrictions and lift of the travel ban.

Currently all sailing holidays that were meant to start in the month of March and April have been either rescheduled for autumn 2020 or for 2021, with some charterers having already decided the week of their rescheduled holiday and others being issued a voucher to be redeemed within 12 to 18 month from the date of emission to book a new holiday as soon as the times seem more favorable to travel.

The example of the evolution of the spread in China, where the virus started, gives some hope for the Mediterranean Yacht Charter industry, where the good weather that lasts till the end of November could be the rescue boat of many charter companies, marina and all the annexed people who live through sea tourism. A late start in July with the extension of the season till November, while being a bleak prospective, could represent the difference between closing shop and surviving.

Less clear are the prospects of other
countries worldwide, where the spread has just started and so the restrictions.
Only time will tell.

But, giving thrust to those who work
there is the right way to look at the future. Investments in the Nautical
Industry are currently guaranteed as never before with reimbursements,
rescheduling options and vouchers, meaning that down payments for future
charters are completely protected and holidays insured, either by the
possibility of reprogramming or by the more inviting prospect of being able to
enjoy the holiday should the current storm the industry is going through pass
in time.

For this reason the thrust that charterers give to the Nautical Industry worldwide is being repaid with discounts, coronavirus related cancellation policies, reduced down payments, flexible cancellations with reimbursements or rescheduling options for cruises.


As we of Intersailclub share your concerns regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and have full understanding for the uncertainty it is causing, we have updated our charter conditions to help you organize your rental with utmost confidence.

We have collected proposals listed by boat owners (COVID-19 INSURED) who offer special discounts (up to 20%), who accept bookings with a reduced down payment, who offer the best cancellation policy, involving not only the rescheduling of the cruise in case your cruise is affected by restrictions related to COVID-19, but also partners who offer a refunding up to 90% of the paid amount in case a reschedule for a new travel date is not an option.

For all future bookings arranged as of today, only 30% advance payment is required to confirm the reservation and the remaining 70% for the balance will be payable from one month prior to up to the same day of the start of the charter period. (Depending on each boat owner).

Cancellation Policy

In case of a documented:

  • Official border closure in the destination country due to Covid-19
  • Flight cancellation due to Covid-19
  • Any government action, which makes it generally impossible to start the charter (e.g. lock down in the country of residence of the travellers).

It will be possible to change the dates of the charter to a later date in 2020 or even in 2021, with the same boat or similar one available among those of the selected boat owner. The new booking will be subject to the applicable pricing at the time of the confirmation. In case of a definite inability to find a solution for a reschedule of the booking within the next year it will also be possible to receive a 90% refund of the amount already paid of the charter price. (See how special conditions apply to each boat owner in your selected cruise.)

Intersailclub can also recommend the right travel insurance to insure your trip against many uncertainties. Ask us for more information.

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Thank you for supporting the boating industry! ღ ღ ღ

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