Holistic Travel: sailing is the ‘cure’ we need

These last months have left us weary in body and mind. Increasing limitations to our freedom, imposed distances from our loved ones and from our loved places, strict new rules to follow and a constant need to worry about our safety and how others affect it, has had a terrible impact on our physical and psychological balance. Yet, with some light shining at the end of this long tunnel and the ever present wish of those who love to travel to discover more, to see something new and make new experiences, we all look forward to an opening of the borders and the possibility to start dreaming of a new adventure.
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Holistic Travel: sailing is the ‘cure’ we need
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Foremost remains the need to ensure our own
safety and that of others who might come in contact with us and for this reason
sailing holidays stand out as a way to enjoy safe travelling again.

The open sea air, the break away from the big cities, the possibility to reduce encounters with other people to the minimum and the increased sanitation of sailing boats and catamarans the yachting industry has undertaken made this way to travel one of the most appreciated of the past summer season. A popularity that will most certainly be repeated in the coming months, as this choice of a sailing retreat revealed itself as a winning bet for those who decided to spend their Yachting holidays immersed in nature and away from the beaten path.

After months of seclusion and social separation, taking care to choose the best possible solution for our heightened need for comfort and relaxation is a big must; not only the destination needs to be the best and most interesting, but also the people and the activities. Adding stress to an already tired out system won’t do and for this reason Holistic Travel, might just be the perfect choice.


For those new to the subject this type of sailing retreat offers the possibility to enter a holistic path of awareness and spiritual awakening, to rediscover a deep harmony with our own self and with nature. Yoga and sail cruises or also other types of holistic cruise benefit from both thalassotherapy that favors the restoration of biological balance, allowing our immune system to strengthen and the focusing on the inner self through Yoga and meditation. This types of sailing retreat being always open to all, both the experienced and the inexperienced, have the only goal to fight off the stress and anxieties related to everyday life and enjoy the opportunity to be one with nature, to add inner peace and wellness to a period away from work and away from stressor factors and the "fear" that has characterized this difficult social and personal moment.


This new formula of travel is based on
velatherapy, a sailing retreat and holiday solution where you can enjoy all the
benefits that the sea brings to your health, both physically and
psychologically. A way to rediscover or develop physical and emotional balance
and learn to reconnect with other people and improve interpersonal dynamics
after a long time of social and physical distancing.

The Holistic Travel experiences therefore become a real moment of profound care for the body and soul, where important personal and group dynamics are implemented, in an environment, that of a sailboat or catamaran, in which a collaborative and participatory climate is created, focusing attention on “living in the here and now”, in contact with nature and the regeneration the sea always grants us.

Sailboat Yoga or Catamaran Yoga, just like Holistic practices are best enjoyed in the fullness of nature. The secluded bay of an island, a long beach along the coast lapped by calm waters, the warmth of that first ray of sunshine, a moment of shared happiness for some of nature wonders: ways to restore a lost balance, to reconcile with the new reality and bring away from an holiday not only a bunch of photos and a few souvenirs, but also a new look on life.

While sailing holidays are considered by some a pleasant summer pastime, for others an incredible passion, for still others sailing represents a way to discover oneself and one's psycho-physical balance, these people practicing holistic travel or sail and yoga cruises, are inspiring us to discover a new way of looking at the sea and holidays on the sea. A safe environment, rendered even more safe by the possibility to keep distances on board and distance from the land, a place to discover velatherapy, which even more today has become an effective method to combat stress, depression and anxieties, because sailing is a real "cure".

By Nila Megna