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November 27, 2014 IntersailClub
Munira Island Camp, better known as Mike’s Camp

Munira Island Camp, better known as Mike’s Camp

It’s your time to feel the rhythms of Kenya. There is a majestic catamaran gliding through the white sanded islets on the Kenyan coast from now until March 2014. This dream-carrier, Kaskazi, will bring you through the untouched archipelago and turquoise channels hiding out on the Indian Ocean.

When day 5 came around on-board, we landed upon a strip of sheer beauty, Kiwayu Island. When we stepped foot on land we decided to visit Munira Island Camp, better known as Mike’s Camp. Louis from Paris said that this was “The best Indian Ocean coast site I have seen.” This camp rests right in the middle of mangroves, forests and exotic beaches. Mike served us flawless hospitality with endless activities and accommodations.


“You can snorkel in the coral reefs off the beach on either side of the island, go sand yachting, kayaking, boogie boarding, sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, kite surfing, picnicking on neighboring remote coral islands, deep sea fishing, fly fishing and Mike might even take you on a motorbike spin up and down the long empty beach…” Millie, United Kingdom.

Some of the crew decided to go kite surfing, others scuba dived in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve and one couple walked the remote shoreline. We all made it back together for dinner, which Mike prepared for us in his restaurant. He started us off with fresh fruit cocktails and then came the delicious crab, fish and vegetables. Annie from the United Kingdom said, “Mike certainly has got the best chef we have come across in Kenya. The food was fresh, delicious and beautifully presented.”

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Just in time for sunset, Mike invited us to his ‘bandas,’ or bungalows, which all have breathtaking views of the mangroves and the Indian Ocean. The interior of these rooms are somewhere between coastal chic and Robin Crusoe style. They rest on top of the sand dunes and under the tortilis trees. At dusk, the crew divided up in these spacious huts until the morning. We watched the stars glow in the African night sky while laying in hammocks and cushioned beds. It was a perfect mix of romance and tranquility.


“Whether the room faced the expansive turquoise of the Indian Ocean or West over the vastness of the mangroves and the waterways that bind them, we were totally mesmerized.” Woman Guest, Nairobi

Being together with mike and the crew on Kiwayu Island, we still all felt privacy and serenity. Mike’s camp is certainly a unique and mesmerizing part of sailing through the Kenyan coast. Fresh crab legs during an Indian Ocean sunset and the wild African nature is out there waiting for you.

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