Sharing a sailboat with strangers = nightmare vacation?

Sharing a sailboat with strangers can be diabolical; your sailing experience can go from idyllic dream to nightmare vacation.
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Sharing a sailboat with strangers = nightmare vacation?

At intersaiclub, we want you to have the best sailing experience possible.  Our unique social aspect lets you create your own profile and see who’s onboard; allowing you to scope out your travel companions and use the online chat feature.  This means that on day 1, you already have a travel mate to share that first glass of *insert drink of choice* with while you take in the sights.

Mostly, sailing adventures are the perfect way to meet like-minded people and share amazing experiences.  On the odd occasion; they resemble a dysfunctional family on a boat cruise, bickering and sulking.  Here are some types of people that you have 100/1 chance of encountering

Maybe not drunk, but they seem to be having fun!
Life's a party!

Party Animals

Your captain will be able to point you in the direction of the best local wineries, breweries, tavernas and craziest parties if that’s your thing.  It’s a barter system, in return, stay sober enough not to be a danger to yourself or anyone else. There’s nothing worse than getting woken up at 3am (again!!) by a drunk, stumbling crew member who fell overboard and forgot how to swim.   While everyone is in the holiday spirit, a small space can quickly start smelling like a brewery and no one  appreciates midnight interior decorating.

Barney syndrome

For those that don’t watch “How I Met Your Mother” this syndrome usually affects men and symptoms include dirty jokes, crude language and lots of not so subtle flirting.  Usually they are harmless and amusing to be around – until they bring dates home.  Yachts come with thin walls and close quaters, making it very easy to rock the boat.  Now there’s nothing wrong with some hanky panky and Summer flings, but being inconsiderate is a big No-No (besides there are lots of secluded beaches for the more adventurous!)

Some couples love to hate
Some couples love to hate

Crazy Couples

Yacht charters can be the idyllic holiday for any couple; new adventures, unique sailing destinations, secluded beaches and romantic sunset walks.  But sometimes small spaces and specific circumstances can turn the perfect sailing vacation into an episode of Jerry Springer.   There are many anecdotes about couples fighting throughout the trip forcing the captain to convince them to jump ship mid-charter or banish them to either sides of the boat.

Kitchen Sink

There’s often that one person that brings their excess baggage along.  Obviously they didn’t read the memo.  On a trip where you are mostly in your bikini and shorts a truckload of cosmetics and a shoe collection is going overboard.  Having a travel companion who brought everything but the kitchen sink means you may need to fight for your fair share of space, or use your one small bag as a pillow.  It also means you run the risk of having something heavy falling on your head if a speed boat passes by.

Messiest cabin award goes to...
Messiest cabin award goes to...

Clutter Bug

Boats are very cleverly designed with lots of storage spaces, the trick is to use them and not just shove everything in creating a black hole.  The problem with black holes is they tend to explode all over the floor when your bunk-mate is in a hurry to meet the cute boy/girl at the local bar, or has come in late from a midnight swim.  In a messy cabin, getting up to use the head late at night can be a challenge only to be undertaken in emergencies.  Maneuvering in a small space, barefoot in the dark, half asleep, can be near fatal to a small toe or elbow.


There are sadly a number of people that have a total lack of curiosity about the world around them.  They  seem to travel only to prove how superior their home is.  They say things like “The signs are in Greek, the shopkeepers speak Greek and the food is Greek. Why are there so many foreigners.”  They like things just the way they are at home and either adamantly refuse to try new things or only have negative comments.  After a few days with them, you might be quite happy to pay for them to go back home.

Some people just can't be happy
Some people just can't be happy


For some reason there are people that just like to complain; the louder, the better.  They persistently complain about small things like not being able to read because the boat is rocking, the local restaurant not serving their favourite drink, the shops not being open during siesta time, the beach being too sandy; the list goes on and on.   Lucky for you, these types of people prefer going on cruise ships, where there’s a host of crew to deal with all their inane complaints.

Sometimes a few informal rules help make life a little better on board.  Let’s face it some rules like wearing a life jacket at night or in stormy weather are sensible, others like putting things away after you have used them make life easier. Some rules such as never leave a glass of rum unfinished and always smile at a pretty girl in a bikini are just plain common sense.

Being stuck on a yacht with the wrong people can be hell, but being on a yacht with people you like, even slightly, can be heaven.  On a nightmare scale of 1-10, I’d say being stuck on a boat in the middle of paradise rates a 2 (a 3 at most)  So what are you waiting for, find your dream holiday!

Margot Jefferson - intersailclub


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