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May 21, 2015 IntersailClub
Balearic Islands: discover hidden Ibiza

Balearic Islands: discover hidden Ibiza

If you think that the only thing to do in Ibiza is party the night away in one of their legendary nightclubs, you are mistaken. If you are more a down to earth traveler than a night owl, Ibiza offers you “lingering fiery orange sunsets” and “gin-clear water”.

Here is an extract from the blog article written by Dr Roger Welch; an eye surgeon, blogger and travel enthusiast; about his recent experience on Miaplacidus.  

“The next day we first sailed to “King Kong”, our term for a fantastic rock island a larger version of an island we know in Australia’s Whitsundays.   In Spanish, “es Vedra”,  and its smaller sibling, “es Vedranell” adjacent.   Es Vedra has a height of 382 m, is mostly bare rough rock, but looks climbable.  It is a protected area for bird life and is a nesting area for the seabirds of the area…We anchored up in the es Raco Fosc area, with the stern nearly on the rocks, and I went in for a lovely snorkel, enjoying especially the deep gentian purple colour of the clear water.”

For the full article and more pictures, visit Dr Welch’s blog here.

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