Balun Aydost Charter

Experiencing the sea on the Balun means sailing, observing nature through the wind and waves, witnessing the magic of colours and smells, listening to the chirping of thousands of cicadas or coming across a dolphins’ family. Balun, what else?!?

Balun Aydost Charter

About Us

There are few places where you can sail as you do in the Dalmatian archipelago, notwithstanding the cruising speed, everyday the nature and the diversity of the Croatian shoreline allows tourists to live and relax in a different landscape. If you love the sea, nights spent in a desert bay under a starry sky, berthing in small fishermen’s ports, forgetting everyday life and problems, eating in a nice tavern by the sea, making new friends and never being bored...well then come aboard!


The Balun is berthed at the Marina Hramina in the island of Murter and the passion of the crew for sailing, fishing and cooking will make your stay aboard very pleasant, even if it is your first time on a yacht.

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