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Sun Odyssey 449

2019 Sun Odyssey

Sun Odyssey 449, Performance and simplicity of maneuver.

Created by Philippe Briand, this sailboat has been studied in every detail to improve its performance and simplicity of maneuver.

Enjoy this sailboat, stable and smooth at the helm. You will appreciate this 14 m (46 ’) in any situation!

  • Length: 13.76m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 8 guests
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Lagoon 400

2012 Lagoon 400

With enough volume to let a crew live large, this new french-built catamaran carries the comforts to do just that

Multihull development in recent years has hit a fork in the road, with one path leading to record-setting speed machines and the other to vessels that carry all the comforts of a very upscale home. The new Lagoon 400 most definitely follows the latter trend, though its designers have proven themselves adept at speed, as well.

  • Length: 12.20m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 8 guests
  • Private bathroom
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