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DjinnCharter is a young company dedicated to charters and sailing trips, with a simple and clear objective, to bring the world of sailing and life aboard a sailboat to everyone, with a commitment: to give our customers the highest safety and professionali

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1981 Schooner

To climb aboard the Djinn is to undertake the adventure of the sea. Is to deal with brave heart and intrepid look over the unknown horizon, as ancient mariners with astrolabe steady hand used to do.

The smells and sounds are the same as yesterday and her rigging, sailing almost upwind, making it a foolproof invention to address the oceans.

The schooner tells the stories of the deep forests of Ivory Coast. How caught a genius in his ribs, speaking when the sea makes it crackle, and how the great waves expelled him out further, where monsters dwell.

Together we will pursue the southeastern Spanish sun, crushed by elegant Mediterranean and the Strait lethal. We will greet aquatic neighbors and worship the rugged coast, beaches and ocher coves, capricious peninsula of La Manga.

The experience of the Djinn discovers to us the true meaning of travel: the more you know more you know yourself, in a different environment, that on the unfathomable depth tests every act or thought. Adds character.

Sailing is to stop time, inventing constellations, haunting the stars, interpreting the whispers of an ancient language, but is, above all, listening and responding to the call of the sea.

  • Length: 14m
  • Type: Sailing ship
  • Fits 8 guests
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Djinn Charter

About Us

We offer the opportunity to use the Djinn for different kinds of maritime experiences:

*Daily excursions to visit and enjoy the coast of Cabo de Palos and the surrounding places as the Calblanque Regional Park, the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve and Mar Menor.

*Charter, you can have the Djinn for all the day exclusively for yourself, or enjoy the whole weekend or even a whole week to travel to destinations as succulent as Ibiza and Formentera or the fantastic Cabo de Gata.

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