Eugenio Favero

The first things we would like to say about us is that we are desperately in love with sailing and with the sea, and that we love spending time with people enjoying friendship. Sailing has become our job thanks to our strong wish of sharing our passion fo

Our yachts

Penelope 1

2001 Jeanneau sloop cutter

Penelope 1 is a Jeanneau sloop cutter equipped sailing boat

Penelope 1 has been designed by the well-known yacht designer Bruce Farr, and stands out for its elegance, comfort, reliability and speed. It has been completely refitted in 2007, for the purpose of granting our guests highest quality and safety.

  • Length: 15.50m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 8 guests
  • Private bathroom
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Eugenio Favero

About Us

Eugenio Favero

I'm Eugenio Favero, skipper, sailing and rigger instructor. I'm member of Gente di Mare, 1st category, qualified as "pleasure charter boat conductor". I crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times and I sailed for many years along the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea, developing considerable expertise in these seas' characteristics. I took part in the most important sailing races.

Let me tell you a story: my sailing biography...

Paola is smiling

Paola Brocca

I'm Paola Brocca, hostess and assistant instructor, and I'm member of Gente di Mare, 1st category. I have spent lots of years carrying out sailing vacation charters and sailing races in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean seas, and I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times. How I first "met" a sailing boat is quite curious, it almost happened by chance. Now sailing gives meaning of my life, it is a great passion that I try to share with all our guests. My dream has come true: sailing has become my job.

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