Eye Of The Wind

Come aboard one of the last traditional sailing ships of our time! The hundred-year-old brig Eye of the Wind will take you to the most enchanting sailing areas and the most beautiful harbours. "Let your spirit set sail!"

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Topsail Schooner

1911 Topsail Schooner

A sailing legend

More than 100 years ago, a sailing legend was born: in 1911, the Lühring shipyard at Brake/Germany built a topsail schooner.
The ship has been given a new lease of life in 1973 when it was bought by Anthony "Tiger" Timbs, an Englishman from the greater London area. A group of enthusiastic ship lovers began to rig the vessel as a brigantine. The restoration at the shipyard in Faversham / England took nearly four years. The former cargo holds were transformed into a lounge and accommodation for crew and passengers.

This Topsail Schooner with two-master was finally ready to embark on new adventures at sea. She sailed around the globe on her first journey, stopping in Australia, the Pacific and the infamous Cape Horn. The trip was barely finished in 1978 when the next challenge was already waiting for this impressive tall ship: Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the Topsail Schooner had the honour of being the flagship for "Operation 'Drake." More than 400 crew members took part in this almost two-year globe-trotting expedition in the footsteps of the famous explorer and scientist Sir Francis Drake.

In 2011, the brigantine celebrated her 100-year anniversary! On 30 April, the Topsail Schooner was the flagship in a tall ship parade for the opening of the Bremerhaven Kaiserschleuse-lock, which set a new world record for the longest sailing boat parade.

The Topsail Schooner is very seaworthy and fit even for the high seas and should thus not be left sitting in the harbour. Therefore, FORUM train & sail offers interested sailors - even without prior sailing knowledge - new, attractive destinations. Whether it is a Caribbean cruise or summer sailing in Scandinavia - the crew of the Topsail Schooner will be happy to take you to new adventures!

  • Length: 27.20m
  • Type: Sailing ship
  • Fits 12 guests
  • Private bathroom
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Eye Of The Wind

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From a one-day charter, to multi-day sea voyage, we will find the right package to suit your needs. We would be happy to advise you individually and give you suggestions for activities and sightseeing tours as part of ashore excursions, where you will explore the most beautiful and attractive sights.


The most remarkable travel memories, however, come about by meeting interesting people on board and unexpected glimpses of wildlife and the influence of the wind and the weather.

Find out for yourself about the charm of this magnificent ship! Previous sailing experience is not required in order to sail on our windjammer. Relax under the sails in harmony with nature and the sea.

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It was immediately obvious that there is something very special about this beautiful tall ship: despite the almost 100-year history of this great tall ship, which had circumnavigated the world twice, it was equipped to the highest standard. We were met by the trainer, the crew and the guest relations manager and were assigned our cabins below deck. They featured all the necessary amenities: air conditioning, running hot and cold water, shower and WC. Later, we had dinner on the upper deck, where the participants could start to get to know each other in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

 Ralf Breetzmann Ralf Breetzman Ralf Breetzmann Ralf Breetzman
on “Atlantic Crossing-Bermuda to Azores” cruise

Just looking at the water, the horizon, the curvature of the earth was breathtaking. Seemingly being one of only 15 people in the world gave the adventure a unique feeling. Britta was a great 1st mate. She really comes alive out at sea, taking charge, leading the crew ensuring the ship is running well. And damn I wish I had her shoulders…

Todd McPencow Todd McPencow
on “Atlantic Crossing-Bermuda to Azores” cruise

The 100-year-old of this ship is unique in itself: it is a film star and unparalleled beauty. Lovingly restored, you can feel her charm straight away. A warm welcome by the crew and the seminar leader rounded off the first positive impression with a welcome drink. From the very beginning, you can feel that it is important to everyone to make you feel comfortable on board. I have learned a lot. I would like to extend my thanks to my fellow seminar participants, Captain Julius and his crew, and in particular, Christa Maurer, who led the seminar competently and demonstrated her knowledge and experience.

Cornelia Graf Cornelia Graf
on “Atlantic Crossing-Bermuda to Azores” cruise