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Freedom Yacht Charter srl, is based in Venice the perfect start point for a sailing vacation in the Tremiti Isalnds, with spectacul itineraries and yoga themed cruises you will be dazzled by life on board a gulet.

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2000 Gulet

The Turkish Gulet “Freedom” can comfortably welcome you with its generous spaces, is 32 meters long, 7.50 wide, has an area exposed to the sun for about 200 square meters on three levels, has a staircase to the descents in water and easy lifts from the water.

The interiors are air-conditioned in the sultry days and 10 cabins have private bathrooms. 2 living rooms have seating for all guests. She has a plasma TV 42 ” with decoder, DVD and with a good stereo system for listening to your music too. The rooms and furnishings are in a marine style, in colors of mahogany wood combined with white and blue. The Gulet is equipped with instrumentation and safety for travel anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea.


The Gulet was once a boat used for fishing and transportation of goods. In recent years this sturdy hull, built entirely of mahogany, has been used for cruises in the sign of comfort and relaxing moments. The turkish gulet is not an ordinary small boat, because of its size it is similar to mega yachts. Its robustness ensures a safe and comfortable navigation, with large outdoor sundeck. It mainly navigate on engine with a cruising speed approximately of 7/10 knots, but in the presence of bearing breezes can sailing with the stern wind.


Designers in fact, have focused more on comfort and safety, for theis reason the Gulet is also suitable for those who do not have a ” sea foot “, inclined to prefer sweet sailing with calm seas and a stability and seaworthiness without risk.


These Yachts have a minimum 3-person crew: the commander, who leads the boat trips ensuring the safety of the guests, the cook, busy preparing the meals, one or two sailors appointed to provide assistance to guests and the cleaning of the boat. 

  • Length: 32m
  • Type: Gulet up to 6 cabins
  • Fits 20 guests
  • Private bathroom
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Discover emerald waters, rocks of blinding whiteness, Mediterranean vegetation clinging to the rocks, coves of fine sand, crystalline waters, iridescent caves and impregnable fortresses aboard our gulet Freedom, we will make it an unforgettable experience!


The Tremiti Islands are five pearls thrown into the Adriatic, a treasure chest of biodiversity and natural beauty that make them an enchanted paradise among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and on board the gulet Freedom you will enjoy them with a special perspective, a luxury filled holiday in the company of new friends and good cuisine.

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