Kiteboarding Cruise

The minute we got addicted to kiteboarding is the minute Kiteboarding Cruise was born

Our yachts


2013 Lagoon 400 S2

Catamaran is an extraordinary multi-hull sailing yacht and has quite some advantages in regard to mono-hull sailing yachts.

With two hulls it is evidently more spacious and has the ability to come closer to the shore when waters are shallow. It's more luminous inside, with all round view and unique feeling of higher ground.


We use catamarans Lagoon because they are perfect for a kite cruising vacations and will best satisfy your needs. These catamarans are extra spacious & comfortable and most importantly they are safe in extreme weather conditions

  • Length: 11.97m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 8 guests
  • Private bathroom
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Kiteboarding Cruise

About Us

Our mission is to make the most out of your active vacation, discovering new spots every day, enjoying private kite sessions, tasting delicious food and always be surrounded with amazing scenery.


Why us?

location: We can reach the best and otherwise unreachable kite spots where you can enjoy private kite sessions with your friends - having the comfort of catamaran always nearby. If you're looking for a quiet evening or anything but quiet - we know exactly where to go.
know-how: You can launch and grab safely from the yacht while anchored. Crew is present every step of the way - from kite launch until you are onboard and equipment is secured.
weather: We understand the weather in relation to terrain diversity which is fundamental to provide good kite conditions and safety.
local people: We know the people which means you will have the best treat there is and - most importantly - no matter what happens, from kite repairs to health issues, we will fix it.
service: We offer you full service throughout the kite cruise. Once you reach the marina you can enjoy the ride and we'll take care of a stress free kite and sail holiday.

Our destinations


Great time spent at sailing and kiting, wonderful places. I recommend to spend one week with Tomas and Mateuz at discovering Croatia coast. Thank you for the Tiramisue! :)

Thibaut and Damien, Switzerland Thibaut and Damien, Switzerland
on “Kitesurfing Croatia Cruise” cruise

So many good moments spent together in the wind, the sun with friends and family! We enjoyed swimming, SUP-ing, kite-surfing, reading, playing cards and talking. Thank you for kindness, professionalism, your sense of service and especially Mateuz good food cooking and Thomaz great sailing skills. Welcome back to Croatia!

Catherine, Switzerland Catherine, Switzerland
on “Kitesurfing Croatia Cruise” cruise

It's not only that both are very professional, it's the passion and fun with they are working the whole day and night so they gave us the possibility to relax and enjoy our days.

Patrick & Diana, Austria Patrick & Diana, Austria
on “Kitesurfing Croatia Cruise” cruise