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2018 Lagoon 50

This new boat, is an attractive option for sailors looking for a large “modern sailboat”.

its new visual identity, its new rigging and its hull design proposes increased performance with a unique signature.

Indeed, the assumed elegance of the new 50 seduces by the bevelled shape of its hulls, the generosity of its spaces and its more than ever enhanced panoramic view.

A flybridge with two secured accesses and a helm that offers perfect visibility.

And in the stern of the wheelhouse, an immense modular relaxation space that hides a storage area large enough to store all the cushions.

A rear cockpit open to the sea, wide and clear stern skirts to accommodate both small and large families. A second cockpit to make better use of the bow beach with a double function: seat or sunbed at the same level as the bow trampoline.

Vast storage spaces under most of the cockpit and flybridge benches.

The voluminous spaces drawn reveal an innovative architecture where everything is designed to offer a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Its conception allows everyone to find the interiors they want, with three, four, five or even six cabins!

An innovative concept of the saloon, built on two levels, for two different but communicating living areas: a large kitchen open to the cockpit on one side, and a slightly raised lounge area for a better panoramic view of the sea, which can be easily modulated in the dining area.

A new interior design with a new elegant and elaborate wood finish to be chosen by the owner.

An unparalleled communication between the interior and exterior: between the large panoramic windows, the middle one is retractable, thus offering perfect ventilation of the salon but also of the cockpit, making also the link with the bow area.

  • Length: 14.63m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 12 guests
  • Private bathroom
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