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Lagoon 400 S2

2016 Lagoon

Lagoon 400 S2 2016

Lagoon 400 stands for comfort, simplicity, usability, performance and innovative design. This yacht is designed for coastal or ocean cruises. The Lagoon 400's interior is loaded with similar thoughtful details to enhance living in surroundings that are quite bright and open. It has an elegantly fitted, spacious interior with a cockpit and salon on the same level as well as 4 double bed cabins and 4 separate toilets with showers. On deck, one large roof with a smooth sweep extends from the cabin front aft over the cockpit, creating, in essence, an exterior saloon with voluminous lounging space that's well lit at night by halogen lights overhead. This luxurious and even more spacious model will offer you comfortable sailing.

  • Length: 12.20m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 8 guests
  • Private bathroom
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Lagoon 52F

2019 Lagoon


The 52 marks a whole new era in the design of cruising catamarans, as indeed did its predecessor, the famed 500.

With its diamond-shaped vertical bows, bevelled hulls, its as if levitated deckhouse and tall rig, the 52 is no ordinary catamaran, but its originality goes a great deal further than just its "outer" appearance, or even its interior layout.

This Lagoon is the result of lengthy discussions between the architects at Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), the Italian Nauta Design agency and the Lagoon design department. These discussions led us to make some important and sometimes radical choices, while remaining faithful to what we believe in, in terms of elegance, comfort, safety, user friendliness and, it goes without saying, performance under sail.

  • Length: 15.90m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 12 guests
  • Private bathroom
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