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SailingEurope is a company which promotes sailing, healthy life, ecology and a Mediteranean lifestyle.

Sailing EuropeCharter

About Us

Our mission is to create and arrange customised sailing holiday packages on the Adriatic.

Sailing Europe's headquarters are in Zagreb, Croatia with offices in Munich, Germany and Moscow, Russia. The founders spent part of their lives in Germany and UK and at one point decided to unite their business experience and Western standards together with young, brilliant and ambitious people in Croatia. For us, our business is a combination of the pleasure and the hard work, the combination which always gets best results.

Enjoying the business as we do, we also know almost every corner of the Adriatic. We know people who have small family restaurants which serve homemade food. We also know people who own their vineyards and produce their wine in the small family cellars. You can even help them bottle wine if you want!

Doing the business we in SailingEurope do, we also have principles and we will do everything in order not to compromise them. Your satisfaction with our service and your safety is the most important and we never compromise this! Ecology and clean environment is the second most important. We will take you to beautiful beaches almost untouched by other people, but at the same time we will always care to leave that clean and unspoilt environment for the next visitors and generations to come.

Here in Sailing Europe we believe we know the Adriatic as it once was - and still is if you know where and how to find it.

Welcome on board!!!

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