Satya Yoga Trinakryananda

“Sailing across the endless horizons, walking the path of freedom in a journey through the Self, flowing as life flows in the breath of Yoga” (Fabio Graziano Satyavan)

Our yachts

Sun Odyssey 49

2005 Sun Odyssey 49

Elegant and powerful, the Sun Odyssey 49 is truly a seafaring sailboat.

At the helm, you will guide the boat with ease. At the winches, you will have precise control of the sails. This 49-foot sailboat is designed to go further and faster, and easy to handle short-handed. The Sun Odyssey 49 affords extraordinary comfort, whether at sea or at anchor.
The secret to a successful cruise is in shared moments of pleasure. With a large galley, spacious saloon, beautifully finished chart table and navigation station, modern styling, abundant natural light and fresh air, the interior of the Sun Odyssey 49 offers exceptional liveable space and luxurious comfort.

  • Length: 15m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 8 guests
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Cyclades 50.5

2006 Cyclades 50.5

Yoga can benefit everyone, whether your intention is to become stronger, flexible, serene, or to cultivate a greater sense of self awareness

he structured one-week Yoga Vacation program follows a daily schedule with asana classes, meditation, lectures and so much fun on sailing, snorkelling, trekking.

A trip through the arresting natural beauty of the Aeolian Islands, just off the coast of eastern Sicily, takes travelers on an epic journey composed of the purest of pure seas, wild nature and even wilder volcanoes, and all the historical and cultural elements that make a UNESCO World Heritage Site, named in 2000.

  • Length: 15.30m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 8 guests
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Satya Yoga Trinakryananda

About Us

Fabio Graziano Satyavan met Yoga very early in the life, starting on his own at the age of fourtheen years old. He studied with several teachers, Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Raja.

After 20 years of personal yoga practice he decided to become a professional yoga teacher and joined in 2012 a Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course at Dhanwantari Sivananda Ashram Neyyardam Kerala India. He founded the Satya Yoga Trinakryananda Association, where he and its staff lead Hatha Yoga courses, running Karma Yoga projects, nourishment and various yoga and meditation workshops. Once at year backing to the Ashram life in India for refill and study.

He spent also so many years sailing, crossing all the Mediterraneum Sea, working as skipper and professional underwater film-maker, well experienced with all the sea activity.

Its intention is to inspire students to connect with themselves to explore and discover their individual and unique potential, following the original teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda.