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Hello Everyone! Want you to know that we cannot stop telling everyone about experience! We had the BEST holiday. Miss you all ❤

Ria Aiken
on “Best Sailing Cruise in Ibiza and Formentera ” cruise
2019-03-05 21:00:47


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Ibiza & Formentera, ES cruise photo
Best Sailing Cruise in Ibiza and Formentera Dufour 56
28 May - 3 Jun 2023
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A holiday on a spacious and comfortable sailboat (in good standing with the navigation and safety regulations of the Spanish charter) to the Balearic Islands where you can visit Ibiza and Formentera, going as far as... see more

A holiday on a spacious and comfortable sailboat (in good standing with the navigation and safety regulations of the Spanish charter) to the Balearic Islands where you can visit Ibiza and Formentera, going as far as bays that cannot be reached from land. Ibiza at any time of the year is spectacular, but not least Formentera too, and it’s precisely for this reason that you may find yourself perplexed to decide which of the two places to visit first. Ibiza boasts a heavenly sea with a mix of spectacular colors offering great relaxation, including delicious mojitos with a local flavor and fresh sea breezes, but thanks to the splendor of its waters and its picturesque backdrops.

Formentera is the ideal place for those who love transparent water for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Drop the moorings and go to the Balearics!


The port of embarkation and disembarkation is the Marina of Ibiza, a place that may vary depending on the availability of marina seats and / or weather conditions. Always contact the skipper and/or agency before departure for any clothing, suitcase and boarding point. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO BRING TROLLEY!

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Dufour 56 yacht photo
Dufour 56
2016 Dufour

Like you, we want to experience the ocean.

Every day, we strive to design yachts to make your dreams of offshore adventures a reality.

A peerless long-range sailing yacht with stunning aesthetics, the Dufour 56 is designed, first and foremost, for high-sea sailing. Fast, seaworthy and reliable in all circumstances, it embodies the very essence of a powerful, safe and easy-to-manoeuvre sailboat. With its tilling consoles equipped with commands for all winches and electric furlers, sailing on the Dufour 56 is child’s play.

Inside, the Dufour 56 sets a new standard for on-board luxury and comfort with a sophisticated design and high-end features.

As many owners report, the Dufour 56 will give you the most thrilling emotions and take you wherever you wish to go.
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  • Length: 17m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 10 guests
Jeanneau 53 yacht photo
Jeanneau 53
2010 Jeanneau 53

Jeanneau 53 looks really extraordinary and is built to sail fast. (refit 2021)

Jeanneau 53 is a stylish-looking sailing yacht (refit 2018), representing Jeanneau’s new yacht line of larger cruisers and replaces the 54DS, which sold over 400 copies worldwide. Like the DS model, this new 53 features a blister-type coach roof, but with a much lower, sleeker profile. With its large rig, easily driven hull and spacious interior, it should appeal to many cruising sailors.

The deck is easy to get around and affords good visibility, while still providing enough headroom below. The saloon is light and airy with full-length settees on both sides and a big dinette table with folding leaves to starboard. 

This large, comfortable cruiser can be configured just about any way you like and is surprisingly affordable. The discrete modern styling will turn a few heads in the harbor, and the long hull will turn miles easily out in open water. The spacious cockpit should work well both under sail and when entertaining.


Boat regularly registered as a Charter in Spain, a guarantee of comfort and carefree holidays. Very

comfortable and spacious, it was born for charter; very large cockpit for 14 people. It has 5 cabins, 3

bathrooms and a crew cabin; refrigerator and cold room. It is very fast and easy to manage. Excellent for a

holiday with friends!
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  • Length: 16.06m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 10 guests
  • Private bathroom