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The passion that becomes work, work that becomes communication about what we like most: sea. After years of study and work in distant lands where the ocean is an integral part of everyday life. These are the ingredients used by those who love the sea and sailing and wanted to bring this passion in daily life.
So Arundel Sail Project & Yachting was born. From the distant lands of West Sussex, bathed by the waters of the North Sea in Solent, home to sailors and navigators of international reputation, where sailing is like walking in the park, the most "Anglo-Saxon" of the italian cities, Genova. We desire that sea can be lived with intensity, passion and love, through the unique sensations that can be felt from a cockpit of a sailboat sailing.

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I noticed this question and felt an urgent need to respond. There are plenty of companies to choose from if you wanted to sail the Aeolian islands, but there is nothing like saing these islands with Intersail Club ( My girlfriend and I recently completed a seven day sailing trip of the Aeolian islands in the middle of July 2018. This was absolutely amazing! The trip included a chef and a skipper who were fabulous! The friendliness of the crew and the two other travelers was also wonderful and made for a great trip. The food and culture included in this trip was beyond words! I've sailed twice with Intersail Club and highly recommend them! Do not hesitate to look them up.

Trank Lomeli
on “Aeolian Islands Sailing Adventure” cruise
2018-11-05 18:24:29


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Sicily, IT cruise photo
Aeolian Islands Sailing Adventure
Sicily, IT
7 days cruises
7 cruises available
Come aboard on a special sailing adventure across the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. This will not be a cabin charter cruise like any other, but a beautiful journey starting and sailing through the blue waters... see more

Come aboard on a special sailing adventure across the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea.

This will not be a cabin charter cruise like any other, but a beautiful journey starting and sailing through the blue waters of the central Mediterranean sea: we will sail from Corsica to Sardinia and Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.

Be part of this sailing adventure: join us for a week or two or more! We will be happy to have you on board and are sure to show you the secrets and magic atmosphere of a yacht cruise in Italy.

This week we propose a 7 day itinerary in the god’s island: Vulcano, Salina, Lipari, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli!

Exploring the Aeolian Islands will be a sailing adventure without compare: the white pumice bay of Lipari, the colorful waters of Venus Pool in Vulcano, the majestic rock formation of La Canna in Filicudi, endless caves where the lights plays on the waters illuminating it from within and with a touch of luck the Stromboli erupting in the background, this and much more will be the day to day fare or our trip! Just take a look at some pictures of this itinerary to have a little idea of the paradise we'll explore ...


...and next week we continue our sailing tour of Aeolian Islands, search for a Sailing Adventure and join your favourite itinerary!

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Jeanneau - Sun odyssey 52.2 yacht photo
Jeanneau - Sun odyssey 52.2
2001 Jeanneau - Sun odyssey 52.2

The Sun Odyssey 52.2 is a boat that will go anywhere your dreams take you, swiftly, safely and in total comfort.

Specifically designed for those of us who love and respect the sea, the 52.2 with powerful hull and well-engineered deck layout is truly grace under sail. Built to the highest international standards, the Sun Odyssey 52.2 is the perfect balance of modern innovation and time-honored craftsmanship creating a boat of true elegance, style and superior value.

And as of the summer season 2018 also equipped with modern solar panels and a watermaker to increase the comfort of the guests aboard and the overall authonomy of the boat when in navigation from one destination to the other.
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  • Length: 15.39m
  • Type: Sailboat
  • Fits 6 guests
  • Private bathroom