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Deluxe Catamaran Experience in San Blas Islands
20 Jul - 27 Jul 2023
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Let yourself be amazed by the combination of dreamed landscapes and the culture of its passionate people. Come and discover with us, along with the Kunas, its colourful reefs, deserted white sandy beaches, turquoise... see more

Let yourself be amazed by the combination of dreamed landscapes and the culture of its passionate people. Come and discover with us, along with the Kunas, its colourful reefs, deserted white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and idyllic sun sets. We are a couple who decided to leave the city behind and adventure into the sailing life.... Now we live in a boat in the paradise of San Blas, and would like to invite you to join us on board for an amazing tailor made holidays.


We offer minimum 4 days cruise, this listing is for a week cruise, but custom cruises are available, just ask!


There are several trips available for you to choose from. We will offer you the best packages to fit your needs and desires.
Fancy Snorkeling? Paddle Boarding? Kayaking? Relaxing and Sunbathing? All of them?
Just let us know and we will take care of it...
With our all inclusive holidays packages, you don't need to organise anything, be surprised by hidden charges or worry about exceeding your budget. In one payment you have all your day to day activities, food and accommodation covered.


Enjoy all that the San Blas Islands have to offer, a paradise for sailing cruise aficionados snorkeling! Wake up in a crystal clear anchorage among Cayo Holandeses islands and get ready for a fascinating snorkeling experience, just by jumping into the waters. Swim from one island to another at Coco Bandero, considered one of the most beautiful islands in San Blas or meet the indigenous Kuna, their traditions and villages and discover the Kuna fishing skills aboard their wooden canoes. Sail among the picturesque islands of Naguargandup and anchor at a different spot each day. Relax on board and enjoy the beauty of the San Blas Islands and its magical sunsets, while savouring refreshing drinks on our boat deck. All this accompanied with delicious meals of fresh fish, seafood and Mediterranean recipes.


About the San Blas Islands (Guna Yala)
The San Blas Islands make up an Archipelago, also known as the region of Kuna Yala. It is formed by around 365 coral islands and remains one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean for sailing. Its original name, Guna Yala, means “Kuna territory” in Kuna language, and its history goes back 500 years before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, who named it as it is still known today. The San Blas Islands cover 125 miles at the northeastern Caribbean coast of Panama.


Curious facts: The San Blas islands have been selected as “one of the two best sailing destinations in the world” by the magazine Cruising World and Le Monde Voyage. In many occasions the islands have been the scenary of National Geographic articles. San Blas offers pristine nature, without the presence of any cruise ships or resorts.

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Lavezzi 40
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Life Onboard our Lavezzi 40

We offer 3 guests cabins. We are a family of four who are circumnavigating the world with their 11 and 12 years old daughters. They are two girls very well behaved and you would be charmed by their kindness and their willingness to help you. 

The Hostess would know how to seduce you with her ability in the French cuisine; but overall by her beautiful voice during some of our dancing nights.

The Captain will make you discover the magic of sail navigation. He will take you to amazing places far from the massive tourism. For those who are interested, he can teach you and let you handle their catamaran while navigating between San Blas islands. They also would love to guide you across the most beautiful archipelago of the Caribbean for either snorkeling and relaxing time.


Spoken Languages: French, English and Spanish
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  • Length: 12.20m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 6 guests
Lagoon 410 yacht photo
Lagoon 410
0 Lagoon 410 S2

Comfort and safety!

Our Lagoon 410 will offer you all the comfort, attention and security to live a unique experience in an idyllic setting.

  • Length: 12.50m
  • Type: Catamaran
  • Fits 6 guests
  • Private bathroom