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October 22, 2018 IntersailClub
5 tips for staying fit and healthy on a cruise

5 tips for staying fit and healthy on a cruise

It might seem a little odd to want to stay fit and healthy on an indulgent holiday like a cruise or sailing trip but, for many people, it’s really important. If you work hard on your health and fitness all year around you don’t want to jeopardize that on a two-week cruise and set yourself back in your progress. Here are five tips to help you have an amazing time but still stay fit and healthy on your cruise.

Think about your foodSource

Think about your food

Just because there may be plenty of delicious food on your boat, that doesn’t mean you have to overindulge for the sake of it. That said, you don’t just have to live off salads either! Find the middle ground that allows you to indulge in delicious dishes, without feeling guilty afterward.

Sailing around the Mediterranean could definitely help with this aspect, as they’re said to have some of the healthiest (and most delicious) food on the planet. Dock at countries that serve up the best dishes, opt for healthier options such as fish and vegetables, and only partake in the gelato every now and then.


Squeeze a workout in

Just because you may be sailing the Seven Seas and enjoying a luxurious trip, doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in a workout here and there. In fact, there are specific boating vacations that focus on the mind, body, and soul while you’re sailing. You could take part in a sailing tour around the Aeolian Islands while also practising yoga at the same time. Alternatively, ensure you take a dip in the sea – when it’s safe – to squeeze in some exercise time on your trip.


Just in case you get sick

Pack any medication you usually take, of course, but also stock up on painkillers and anti-sickness tablets just in case. A lot of people forget about travel insurance when they’re heading out on a boat holiday, which is a little worrying when you find out that 1 in 6 travellers made a claim in 2016.

Thankfully, you can have the option to buy cruise-specific travel insurance which will cover things such as medical, luggage, cancellation, weather delays and even damage or loss of that all-important formal wear!



Alongside your workouts, it’s really important to make sure you relax too. Don’t stay up all night partying (at least not every night!), and enjoy a spa treatment or two if you want to unwind. Look for a sailing tour that isn’t just packed full of parties when you dock – instead, opt for a nice balance of sightseeing, pampering treatments, and one or two beach days.


Consider your drinks

Make sure you drink plenty of water while on the cruise to keep hydrated. However, if you want to indulge in a little tipple, some options are far healthier and lower in calories than others. Cocktails, for example, can be very sugary and a good alternative is something like vodka or gin with a low-calorie mixer.

Prosecco has fewer calories in than most wines and if you alternate your alcoholic beverages with soft drinks or water you will find yourself automatically drinking less alcohol – your body will thank you in the morning!

So don’t feel that a cruise has to mean a dip in your fitness levels. You can still have the ultimate cruise experience without sacrificing your health and fitness in any way. Follow these tips and you’ll dock back home feeling better than ever! If you have any other top tips, please do let us know in the comments.

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