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April 30, 2015 IntersailClub
Island hopping Croatia

Island hopping Croatia

Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world over the last few years. Understandably so, given its clear blue waters, which are perfect for  hiring out a yacht charter Croatia boat that will take you on a fabulous journey along Croatia’s beautiful coastline and throughout out the various islands and inlets in the area.019a55bd43c9337cdf5c92b2b5f3f2eb-e46f0-fit-1920-1080 Croatia not only has beautiful shimmering waters though, there are also plenty of beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun’s rays. Or, visit the Croatia’s National Parks for their beautiful rural landscapes, perfect for hikers, climbers and nature lovers. For those of you who like holidays full of history, art and culture, Croatia’s cities of Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split would make ideal destinations. Or for the party goers, Hvar town has everything you need.

The Yacht Charter Croatia Experience


Gulet Balun

One of the best way to experience all that this splendid country has to offer is to sail Croatia on-board one of the many sailing and yachting vessels that frequent the area, such as the Gulet Balun.

The Balun will take you in an incredible six-day tour through the Kornati archipelago, which, in the one hundred and forty islands, inlets and reefs that make up the archipelago, eighty-nine are now a part of the National Park of Kornati. This yacht week Croatia takes you of some of the most beautiful landscapes available in Europe during a sailing trip throughout the archipelago of Kornati and the surrounding areas. This is one of the best Croatia tours available, taking you through an amazing journey full of beauty, history and political intrigue. This island hopping Croatia experience is one of a kind, due to the locations that the Gulet Balun visits, like the dramatic change of scenery when the blue shades of the sea enters the deep green of the Krka River. Indeed you will sail from by the sea into a fjord to get into the heart of Krka river National park.

Kornati is famous for several things, but one of the most prominent are the beautiful waterfalls that are featured throughout the various islands.


Kronati Archipelag

Archipelago of Kornati

Several of the islands in this area were centuries ago, plagued by Malaria until in 1893 they were bought by an Australian businessman, who rid the islands of the disease and went about creating an upmarket health resort in the area.

These islands were closed to the general populous for many years as they were the former summer residence of President Tito and many other high up officials of former Yugoslavia. Tito had many guests to these islands from political leaders of the time to famous film stars, including Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. It was only in 1893 that the islands were finally opened up to the general public after they had been given National Park Status.

Discover Croatia Tours

The Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb is a beautiful city filled with Austro-Hungarian architecture, museums and art galleries. An ideal location to absorb the rich and varied culture and history of Croatia. The city of Zagreb is full of bustling coffee shops to relax after or during your trips to the museums. At night, you can take in a show or concert at one of Zagreb’s popular theatres and cinema. During the spring ad summer months, take a short trip up to Jarun Lake for a day of swimming or sailing before dancing the night away by the lake in one of the popular nighttime disco. In winter, Zagreb is an ideal location to stay for a skiing trip up on Mt Medvednica.

For nature lovers, Croatia’s National Park Palclenica is a beautiful untamed rural landscape covering 95 SQ km of the Velebit Massif Mountain Range. There are two spectacular gorges whose cliffs hold the nests of Golden Eagle’s, Stripped Eagle’s and Peregrine Falcons. There are incredible walls of stone throughout the area that make excellent climbing spots, as well as many hiking routes through the gorges, along the mountains and next to rushing waters.78622b528059b63fca3d0da3fa3df462-b79d8-fit-1920-1080

The party centre of Croatia, Hvar Town has almost 20,000 visitors per day during peak season. Many come to admire the 13th-century walls that surround the cities gothic palaces and marble streets. But the majority come for the cities nightlife, and then rejuvenating the next day in the shimmering waters or relaxing on the beach.
Sail Croatia from the ancient city of Dubrovnik

Perhaps the most popular destination in Croatia, however, is Dubrovnik. The beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea make it the perfect destination for the start of a yacht week Croatia tour or an island hopping Croatia experience.

Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls have withstood the test of time through the ages, and it is a unique experience to walk upon its walls. There are also many museums filled with art and artefacts that tell the varied and interesting history of Dubrovnik and Croatia.

There are many excellent Croatia tours available throughout the country that make it possible for you to experience a varied and diverse trip visiting several of these destinations.



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