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February 16, 2016 IntersailClub
Yoga and Sailing: The Best of Two Worlds

Yoga and Sailing: The Best of Two Worlds

With a stunning scenery as a background and the best teachers for any kind of yoga practitioner, one of  the most alternative kind of sailing holiday is just waiting for you!

The practice of the art of Yoga aboard a sailing vessel, be it a yacht or a gulet, has in recent year reached new levels of popularity. Most yacht cruises with yoga activity offered with an accompanying instructor take in consideration that not all the travel mates might be at the same level and offer exercises for all.

Two are the factors that might have contributed most to the ThemedCruisesYogaacclamationreached by this kind of yacht cruises: first the possibility to enjoy a week immersed in nature, lulled at night by the sound of the sea and waking up each day in a different bay, with the raising sunlight illuminating your Surya Namaskara (or Sun Salutation for us Yoga Philistines!) and looking forward to a full day of relaxation, with like minded company. Second, the possibility to be part of very small classes, as even on the bigger gulets the number would never exceed eight people, guaranteeing that the teacher will be able to focus on each yogi and yogini in the class with the utmost attention!

yoga 2Brought to light by the sage Patanjali, the art of yoga encompasses both the spiritual and the physical world, infact Yoga is explained as a discipline striving for a union between mind, body, and spirit.

The sequences of asanas, are designed to align skin, muscles, and bones, but also to open the many channels of the body so that energy can flow freely. Your body will most likely become much more flexible by doing yoga, and so will your mind.

Because yoga is more than just physical postures!

yoga 3It is unique because in connecting the movements of the body and the wanderings of the mind to the rhythm of your breath it helps to direct your attention inward to recognize your thought patterns without labeling them, judging them, or trying to change them. Thus making you become more aware of experiences made from moment to moment.


But where to go if you wants to unite a sailing holiday and a full immersion week of Yoga?

Well, the yacht cruises offering a yoga retreat are many and spread all over the world. You can take a dive into the crystal clear waters and swim with sea turtles in Turkey while enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating week of yoga practicing asanas and pranayamas. Starting and finishing your days with an hour long yoga practice on the sunny deck of a boat, while also enjoying hiking tours, exploring archaeological ruins and taking in the unspoiled nature in the picturesque Göcek Bay, while the chef on board of your gulet will prepare for you the most fresh and healthy meals to make the most of your sailing cruise.

yoga 4You can also join a one of a kind sailing yacht in their tour of Croatia most fascinating coast stretches where all levels of yogis are welcome aboard from beginners to advanced students. Speckled with dozens of marvellous islands going from tiny, green and unpopulated to huge, dry and constellated by old towns and villages, with her old mystique and turquoise waters,  sailing Croatia and practicing Yoga is one very favoured trip for the coming summer.

Or you can try out a new world where wilderness and native cultures are still the strongest features: San Blas Islands in Panama, where a slice of untouched environment still survives intact. Enjoying a yoga and sailing cruise between pristine tropical islands and observing the local wildlife in their natural habitat can gift you with an energy that will make you discover new aspects of yourself and see the world in a new way. All this is what makes a yoga retreat in Panama an experience that goes past the typical yacht cruise! Waking up to the fresh sea breeze and relaxing in the sun or exploring the surrounding scenery and attractions will enhance the daily yoga practice at sunrise and dawn making a sailing holiday in San Blas Islands the best way to get to know yoga in a fun, relaxed and beautiful environment.

yoga titleLast but not least a few very interesting yoga sailing cruises are being offered in the Mediterranean. Sardinia, the Gulf of Naples and the Balearic Islands are well loved and quite accessible european destination for a special sailing holiday involving the most magnificent bays, coves and turquoise waters and some stunning sunsets, that will make for a most interesting “classroom” where to practice yoga and learn new ways of being one with self and nature.

So, it does not matter if you are a very involved yogi or just now discovering an interest in this ancient art, trying out a yoga yacht cruise shall be a wonderful experience where Yoga is given a new purpose by uniting not only body, mind and soul, but also a love for sea and sailing!

Just send us your favorite dates and our sailing concierge will pick out all the best sailing and yoga cruises available for you and help you plan your perfect vacation.

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