Dalmatia Cruising

Our family Novaković has a long maritime tradition, passing it down from one generation to the next, thus, orienting our lives towards the sea and sailing.

About Us

Back in mid 20th century, our family was one of the first in these parts, who started readjusting old transport sailboats into modern cruising boats.
As pioneers, we were starting a new business, also known than as "pirate cruises", with sailors aboard "armed" with nothing but a guitar, accordion and a smile...

To this days, following the family tradition, we are still sailing , enjoying the chosen way of living...

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Dalmatia Cruising - yachts

Small Ship yacht photo
Small Ship
1953 Small Ship


We are proud to present you our motor vessel «LEONARDO».

Very comfortable and pleasant boat, refitted in traditional style .

Leonardo is
original , one and only , "boat with soul "...just with the first step on board you will feel the nostalgic charm....

Let our young and experienced crew indulge you in a voyage of splendor.

Sit beck and relax , whilst we guide you through our own piece of paradise ...in a warm...friendly...family atmosphere.

Leonardo was build in 1953. as a yacht for an shipowner from Monaco, in 2007. fully reconstructed as a cruise ship with 12 cabins.
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  • Length: 30.50m
  • Type: Classic sailing yacht
  • Fits 29 guests
  • Private bathroom