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May 21, 2015 IntersailClub
Sailing Adventure – Tonga and Samoa

Sailing Adventure – Tonga and Samoa

Make your life-story worth telling with our Tonga Sailing Adventure


Hoist the sails and let’s set off on an adventure!

INTERSAILCLUB has the privilege of partnering with Infinity Expedition and we invite you to join them on a life changing voyage to the remote islands of Tonga and American Samoa; doing things you love, making new friends and connecting with nature on our Tonga Sailing Adventure.     

A journey on Infinity is like no other. It is a community based voyage for adventurous and active people of all ages and walks of life. In the past eleven years, Infinity has sailed more than 100, 000 miles, visited hundreds of island in more than 20 countries.  The Infinity Expedition is more than a charter:  they travel to learn from the sea; bridging worlds, opening minds, sharing adventures and witnessing the impacts of climate change.

The Reefs of Vava'u team with life

The Reefs of Vava’u team with life

On this sailing adventure you can immerse yourself in the Pacific Island way of life; the spectacular landscapes, pristine rainforests, azure waters and welcoming people.   The starting point of the charter is the beautiful harbor in the main town of Neiafu (known as the Port of Refuge Harbour) where you can meander the streets and experience the unspoiled, easy-going ambiance of this lively town.

Neiafu is one of the South Pacific’s most protected harbors and is situated in the Vava’u Island chain of the Kingdom of Tonga.  Here the vibrant coral reefs offer countless channels, deep waterways and secluded anchorages.  Some islands are ringed by white sandy beaches while others have tropical forests, sea level caves and dramatic basalt cliffs.

Incredible dive oppotunities await

Incredible diving in these azure waters

Vava’u is known for it’s exquisite dive sites, colorful coral gardens and abundant sea life with over 100 species of tropical fish, manta rays, turtles and dolphins. One of the highlights of this charter is the chance to dive into azure water and visit the mysterious concealed caves where you can experience the unreal swell-fog phenomenon.

From one paradise to the next; Infinity will take you to American Samoa, giving you the chance to build up sea millage, getting as involved as you choose to with the day to day sailing of this unique vessel.  En-route to Pago Pago, the main harbor on Tutuila, you will be delighted with views of magnificent mountains covered in lush rainforests and tumbling waterfalls,  peaceful bays with some of the world’s most remote, unspoiled beaches and reefs.

Paradise of azure waters, pearl white sand and jade rainforests

Paradise of azure waters, pearl white sand and jade rainforests

The intriguing Pago Pago Harbor is a result of thousands of years of volcanic crater erosion, forcing  the southern crust of the Tutuila island crater to fall way into the Pacific. Pago Pago a quietly bustling town and the centre of a young and budding tourism industry that focuses on traditional culture and natural wonders.  The coastline of Tutuilia is littered with secluded coves and bays where you can snorkel, swim and snooze in blissful solitude, while the island’s mountainous slopes provide picturesque and challenging hiking trails.

Infinity Expeditions offer a family orientated cruising voyage with unparalleled sailing and diving in remote areas of the Pacific. They offer more than just cabin charter, they dedicate their expeditions to our oceans and strive to contribute in every way they can to environmental awareness initiatives

Immerse yourself in the Pacific Island way of life

Immerse yourself in the Pacific Island way of life

After this unique cabin charter exploring the mystical island caves of Vava’u of and lush rainforests and secret beaches surrounding Pago Pago, you may find yourself keen to stay on board and explore Western Samoa.  Whether you are looking at immersing yourself in the Pacific way of life, looking for the adventure of a lifetime, or wanting to contribute to the conservation of our oceans, our Tonga Sailing Adventure will make your life-story worth telling.


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