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January 21, 2018 IntersailClub
Mediterranean Islands; My sailing experience between Sardinia and Corsica

Mediterranean Islands; My sailing experience between Sardinia and Corsica

Nick Gilmore and Mediterranean Islands trip

Nick sailing in north Sardinia

These two gorgeous Mediterranean islands concealed right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea could easily become your secret hideaway. Sardinia and Corsica are full of crystal-clear water, endless sunshine, and secluded shallow coves. The best way to experience all of this is by sailboat. The Scirocco winds will take you where you want to go.

Catching a flight to Sardinia is easy with Meridiana, since they have constant flights into Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport daily. There is also an option to take a ferry from mainland Italy directly to the harbor of Olbia. Meeting your crewmates, finding your cabin, and being greeted with a generous aperitivo makes boarding such an unforgettable part of your IntersailClub experience. As soon as we set sail from Cannigione after sunrise, the whole adventure awaits.

In a 20-meter mini-mega yacht, Miaplacidus, we are able to weave in between the beautiful archipelago of La Maddalena. Out of the eight principal islands, Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria, and Spargi are four that we definitely will visit. This archipelago is one of the most outstanding parts of Sardinia, and foremost, Italy. There are great opportunities for trekking, sightseeing and adventure, especially at “Capo d’Orso,” which is a giant granite rock sculpture that resembles a bear near Palau. Anchoring in coves that almost no one knows about, jumping off the side of the boat, and swimming to white-sand beaches is the perfect way to spend an afternoon here. Or you can choose to relax under the sun until the Italian chef on-board brings lunch up to the top deck.

Each day, our chef will only cook with natural and local ingredients. Sometimes he handpicks spices and herbs from the islands himself. He likes to make his secret Gnocchetti Sardi (a typical Sardinian pasta) recipe toped with Pecorino Sardo. A perfect wine match would be Vermentino di Gallura DOCG,which we carry on-board with us.

4Crossing over to Corsica in the straight of Bonifacio is breathtaking. The coastline is naturally bordered with chiseled white limestone cliffs, where the old harbor village of Bonifacio hides behind. Inside this village you will find luxurious yachts, castle walls, and some of France’s top restaurants and discos. If you’re lucky, there are certain spots in Corsica where you can swim with bioluminescence, marine organisms that make the water glow at night.Windows Media Player_2014-08-22_15-30-59

There is nowhere else in the world where the water looks the way it does in Sardinia and Corsica. In one week you will see countless shades of sea-green, full skies of stars, and new people you will never forget. If one

week isn’t enough, Captain Luca Lianza can possibly arrange a flexible departure date for you. Hideaway here this summer with us and experience the culture, history, and beauty of these two Mediterranean pearls.






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