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December 21, 2017 IntersailClub
Top 10 winter sailing destinations 2014/2015

Top 10 winter sailing destinations 2014/2015

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1. Caribbean, yacht charter experiencee3b50540eaaceb27ce915ec0ce8ac8a8-ff0f9-fit-1920-1080

8 nights in Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda. The island of Guadeloupe resembles the shape of a butterfly from a bird’s eye view. Guadeloupe is an integral part of France that embraces calm lagoons, private coves, easterly trade winds and line-of-sight sailing; absolutely perfect for a yacht charter experience. Barbuda is one of the very few islands in the Caribbean that remains, and probably will remain, undeveloped. The feel of a deserted island. There are various tropical birds that inhabit a section of the northwest lagoon. The island of Antigua has 365 beaches and offers a complex coastline of idyllic harbors, coves, and secluded white powdery-sand beaches.

2. Kenya, sailing cruise  32a854b87e693d057de676509901b3bd-9b548-fit-1920-1080

A dream of a lifetime! Let’s sail together in beautiful channels between desert islands and Safari Land, in calm waters or in the deep blue Indian Ocean, fishing or listening good music. Discovering paradise lagoons, wild islands and ancient Swahili villages, living on the water one of the most untouched and exclusive environment of our Globe.

3. British Virgin Islands57befad564907a2174a1d18253db66b1-678f8-fit-1920-1080

Discover the British Virgin Islands with us!
Six good reasons to go:
• Recreative and safe sailing in the coastal waters of the Canary islands.
• “Island-hopping” with optional visits to Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.
• Good chance to watch whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.
• Well-balanced ratio between time at sea, time in port and time at anchor.
• Experience traditional seamanship on a 100-year-old square rigger. Active participation in the sailing work only on a voluntary basis.
• Excellent galley with culinary delights from morning to night.

4.Guatemala & Southern Belize, island tropical adventure ca0d328bbb2fa221e53c9a0f8f4319ee-9347b-fit-1920-1080

One of the most spectacular sailing and diving destinations in the world! Belize is a small country in northern Central America, just a bit larger than Wales. It offers an abundance of marine life, beautiful breezes and water colors ranging from transparent at the edge of the yacht to brilliant electric blues over sandy beaches to the deep turquoise of the patch reefs. You can see why it is ideal for those searching for an outer island tropical adventure.

5.Tonga, Infinity Expedition


Immerse in the Pacific Island way of life, exploring waterfalls, beaches, and active volcanoes.Your stay includes catering and crew service with dive instructor, cook, and experienced seamen for a fun and safe environment aboard. Enjoy the freedom to do what you love: dive, sail, surf, connect with nature, and make friends for a lifetime!

6. Mauritius, enchanting sailing experience409f07d7b8dd26b153d1699a687a1894-011cd-fit-1920-1080

Indian Ocean Getaways. Surrounded by moderate indigo waters, the Republic of Mauritius could rightly be called the melting pot of the southern Indian Ocean. Not only is this island nation an enchanting place to sail, it has a rich and sometimes surprising history.

7. Seychelles, cruise yachting catamaran fdf256fad92d8479be9ea62181ecbc74-0eafb-fit-1920-1080

Massive granite rocks polished over eons by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. Giant palm trees with their famous “coco de mer” nuts, and turquoise inlets fringed with lush green takamakas shading white sand beaches. This is the image we all have about the Seychelles Islands. A paradise.

8. Sudan, diving adventure

Elegante V.

Sudan is famous for it’s pristine reefs, many wrecks littering the approaches to Port Sudan, and both it’s terrestrial, and underwater wildlife. The visibility is incredible, the coral completely unspoilt, and marine life so abundant that every dive is truly amazing. Always wanted to dive Sudan, with the most experienced guides ? To discover Sudan with the “Elegante”, means letting yourself be conquered by nature, living closely in touch with the Sudanese Red sea.
New Years Eve at St. Barth, experience all the super yachts of the world. Sailing with the Chronos Sailing Yacht to the British Virgin Islands, which is relaxed cruising between the 60 islands and atolls of this unique archipelago. Main islands are Tortola, Jost van Dyke and Virgin Gorda. Enjoy your sundowner at the Bitter End Yacht Club, Lobster diving off Anegada.

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