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The thought of hopping a cruise with a cast of unknown characters? You’d rather spend a night below deck with Gilligan.

New site Intersailclub charts a more civilized course for high seas adventure, rigging customized yacht trips with a few simple clicks.. read full article on Daily Candy here.



Travelers can set sail with new website is a planning and booking platform for chartered sailing vacations.

February 10, 2013|By Jen Leo

Sunsets, seafaring and ports of call. This website offers an endless ocean of daydreaming for travelers who can’t resist the wide-open sea — or the bikini-clad girls sunning themselves on the ship decks in the pictures.

What it does: It’s a planning and booking platform for chartered sailing vacations.

What’s hot: I did back flips when I clicked on “Who’s on Board?” and up popped a color-coded map of the ship that showed me which berths were available. I wasn’t expecting to have choices. Would I pick the berth closest to the bathroom in case I got seasick, or the berth near the bow? Even better is how organized the trips are. Every time I opened up the itinerary there were lots of details. And guess what? You can invite your friends. If you’ve already allocated your vacation budget for this year, this site may change your mind.




Nicholson Yacht Charters, Inc

“I would be very happy to recommend this company to all clients, and to advise that they are fortunate in having approached you whom we consider to be one of the best and most highly respected and reliable yacht brokers in Italy!” 

– Julie P. Nicholson







IntersailClub is booking platform that curates sailing trips around the world. Travelers can book a trip as a group or join an already planned trip to share the cost of the boat and crew. The startup encourages travelers to take advantage of its per-person booking formula that allow passengers to meet and travel with new friends.

SkiftTake: Boating is poised to be the next travel experience to move online and into the sharing company with a number of startups looking to innovate the nautical booking and trip planning process.



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