Sicily Yoga and Sail, between the Nebrodi Mountains and the Aeolian Islands

Sicily Yoga and Sail, between the Nebrodi Mountains and the Aeolian Islands

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Sicily Yoga and Sail, between the Nebrodi Mountains and the Aeolian Islands
Embark with us on a fantastic sailing adventure to discover by feet the incomparable beauty of the Nebrodi Mountains and catch in your viewfinder the special panoramas of the Aeolian Islands.

The proposed experience is articulated in three days residing in a villa located near the territory of the Nebrodi Mountains, the mountain range overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and seven days aboard a beautiful sailingboat in the Aeolian Islands.


The Nebrodi Mountains are a surprising territory, a Regional Natural Park, consisting mostly of woods and surrounded by ancient villages that preserve unique traditions. Between rich beech forests and rocky areas you will discover lakes, small waterfalls and craggy mountains tops inhabitated by animal species such as eagles and griffins. TDuring our sojourn in this beautiful mountainous area we will let the panorama inspire our yoga session and learn how to prepare some special dishes of the fine local cuisine in the best Sicilian tradition. 


After this first few days immersed in the clean air of the Nebrodi Mountains we will leave the villa an board a sailing boat setting sail for the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. Coming out of the blue sea, they are a little piece of paradise on Earth offering exciting sailing adventures every day. Stunning waters for swimmers and sailors, hissing volcanoes for trekkers and honey-sweet Malvasia wine for gourmets will be the highlights of this sailing adventure between land and sea.


Here too there will have ample opportunity to enjoy (...and learn!) about the local gourmet specialties and become one with nature, both by swimming in the crystal clear waters that lap the sandy coast of the Aeolian Islands and trekking up the volcano in Stromboli to catch from the nearest possible point the incredible lava eruptions. During this sailing adventure in the Aeolian Islands we will continue to enjoy our yoga lessons, finding always new exciting places that will assist us in finding the right kind of relaxation and deep introspection to let our mind, body and spirit become one!


Day 1
Capo D'Orlands
Transfer from Palermo or Catania airport the Port of Capo D'Orlando, welcome drink in your villa.
Day 2
Museum of Sicilan costume of Mirto and the waterfall of Catafurco
Guided tour to visit Mirto town and is a charming little village rich in beautiful ancient churches the Costume and Fashion Museum displays a collection of dresses through an historical itinerary. The land excursion continue visiting a portion of Nebrodi Park, very significant and interesting is the "valley of the Fitalia territory" the waterfall Catafurco of Galati Mamertino. During this excursion you will reach the Mangalaviti woods in the natural reserve of Nebrodi and there you can practice yoga. Lunch in a local restaurant. Back to the villa for the free evening in Capo D'orlando town.
Day 3
The Greek-Roman archaeological site of Tindari and Cooking lessons!
Driving along the Sicilian coast from your villa you will visit Tindari and the southern part of the hill on which ancient Tindari stood is protected by the original Greek walls, but most of the remains are on the north-western sea-facing side. Here there are Roman habitations and baths, complete with wonderful floor mosaics and ingenious radiator heating systems. After this cultural tour in Tindari, let's enjoy a relaxing yoga session at Marinello Lake Nature Reserve which provide a wonderful natural environment. During the evening we will drive back to the villa but taking a secondary route inside Nebrodi reaching the old town of Castell'Umberto where you will have fun in learning how to cook your local dinner at a typical Sicilian osteria. Back to the villa after dinner.
Day 4
Learn how to collect wild herbs for several reasons
During the morning 2 options: visit Santo Stefano di Camastra and its famouse ceramic production or make an excursion to Alcara Li Fusi and birdwatching activities at the Fortresses of the Crasto to observe the Golden Eagles and the Griffons, a recently reintroduced species of vulture. Before lunch have your yoga session in the village of San Fratello near the Byzantine monastery which is a very panoramic spot. From the church an expert of wild herbs will teach you how to gather wild herbs along a path that will bring you by a nice walk to his house. At Delfio house you will enjoy using your herbs for cooking traditional dishes and after lunch you can also make your own soap with the herbs! During the afternoon back to Capo D'Orlando but just to grab your luggage to move to the port where a sailing yacht will be docked for you. Welcome on board! Overnight in the Marina.
Day 5
Sailing to the Aeolian Islands
Sailing to Vulcano Island, swimming during the morning, yoga session in a protected bay and for who like is possible to have a walk on the top of the volcano. Overnight in Lipari Island.
Day 6
Salina Island and another culinary experience
Sailing to Salina Island After breakfast sailing to Salina admiring the bays and natural arched rock formations with a stop for a swim. Then up Punta Megna for a bit of trekking to visit the romantic paths and breathtaking views of Salina from above. The ascent takes about one hour and at the end a cooking lesson await us. We will learn how to put together a famous salad in Salina, with dried tomatoes and other herbs and ingredients that we will be able to pluck and select ourselves directly from the garden. Our lunch will be the final product of this fun cooking experience. Back on board for swimming and enjoy the night stars with dinner on board.
Day 7
Panarea Island
After breakfast sailing along the northern coast of the island of Panarea for a stop in Strombolicchio and then up to Stromboli and the small islands and reefs of Basiluzzo, Dattilo and Lisca Bianca, where you can swim and relax in unique locations with underwater gaysers. Lunch on board. Enjoy Panarea by night.
Day 8
Stromboli Island
We sail to the island of Stromboli to admire the volcanic eruption of the Sciara del Fuoco and the small village of Ginostra where we will spend the night at anchor. During our time in Stromboli there is the possibility of an optional excursion on the volcano crater summit (918 m. Above sea level) by following, with experienced guides, the "Path of St. Vincent."
Day 9
Sailing to Filicudi Island
Filicudi Island between the lovely village on the south side and exploring the islands grottos and an incredible 70meters rock coming up from the sea called La Canna.
Day 10
Sailing back to Lipari Marina
Breakfast on board. Disembarking by 9 AM and fast ferry transfer to Milazzo town, from Milazzo you can arrange the car transfer to the airport or wherever you want to go.
The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2, conceived by Bruce Farr, is the pride of the Jeanneau cruising sailboat fleet.

This top of the line cruiser is distinguished by its sleek hull and smart deck layout that allows the crew to totally and efficiently control the sails from the cockpit. The finaly crafted teak furnishings stand out on their own. The 52.2 truly illustrates the pure craftsmanship expressed in the grand Jeanneau tradition.


2004 Sun Odyssey 52.2
15.4 m

Yacht services

Tender size
3.6 m
Air conditioning
Snorkeling equipment
Fishing equipment
Toys on board


Standard double cabins
Private Bathrooms
Chef on board
2004 Sun Odyssey 52.2
2004 Sun Odyssey 52.2

Other facilities

• Generator 7kw; • Outdoor pillows • Spray hood & bimini • wi-fi internet • barbecue
Naturalistic optional excursion to Monte Fossa delle Felci
Monte Fossa delle Felci in Salina is the highest peak in the entire archipelago, so named for the luxuriant presence of the homonymous plant, it stands up to a height of 968m above sea level. After reaching the summit, a picturesque landscape shows at the horizon, the Sicilian coast dominated by Etna, Alicudi, Filicudi, Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari and Vulcano frame the sumptuousness of the crater, demonstrating the volcanic nature of the island. The route starts from the Madonna del Terzito church, where you will cross a rich cultivation of heather bushes, forests of chestnut, oak, pine and broom shrubs that during the spring color the landscape with the classic yellow flowers. Continuing you will find yourself on the saddle that separates Monte Rivi and Fossa delle Felci, from here you can enjoy the picturesque village of Malfa. reached the top you can admire the grandeur of the crater has a diameter of 600-700 m and a depth of a hundred. The crater is crossed by small paths, covered by a sea of ​​ferns and surrounded by ancient trees.
Excursion on the Stromboli Volcano
During our time in Stromboli there is the possibility of an optional excursion on the volcano crater summit (918 m. Above sea level) by following, with experienced guides, the "Path of St. Vincent." The ascent is of about 2 hours and 30 minutes with stops every 30-40 minutes. Before sunset you will arrive at the top to see the crater explosions, a stop on top of the crater for about an hour and then back to base in about an hour and a half as the descent is always quicker way down!
Salina salad
Land activity in Salina. The activity consist in experiencing first hand how to make the typical dried tomatoes and plucking all the right erbs and other ingredients for a dry tomato salad typical of the cuisine of Salina. The final product will of course become part of your lunch with many other typical Sicilian dishes.
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