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December 22, 2016 IntersailClub
Winter Escapes: yacht charter holidays at sea

Winter Escapes: yacht charter holidays at sea

The sun is setting on the summer season. Autumn and winter are coming and many forecasters are predicting cold and/or snowy months ahead for much of the northern hemisphere.   If you prefer to escape the winter’s wrath IntersailClub offers yacht charters in warm, pristine waters from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. Let us take the helm of your yacht charter holidays at sea with these dream cruises.d3cff41ad5a9e4548aea0ff83e37457d-68586-fit-1920-1080

 Caribbean Yacht Cruises

Vibrant colors, silky white sand beaches and turquoise waters complete the charm of the Caribbean. Choose from more than a dozen Caribbean yacht cruises from December to March 2016. Ring in the New Year onboard a flotilla navigating the Caribbean from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the British Virgin Islands. Begin 2016 in luxury and comfort as your crew drops anchor so you can scuba, snorkel and swim under the stars. Sailings in January, February and March cruise to some of the Caribbean’s most popular and sought after destinations including St. Lucia, Tobago, St. Barth, St. Maarten and Barbados. A Caribbean sailing cruise will take the chill out of your winter.3c1c864fed49dc78ce9b38874ecb119d-198b8-fit-1920-1080

 Historic Sailing at Sea

If you prefer to spend most of your time at sea instead of island hopping, try our eight hundred mile itinerary from the Bahamas to Bermuda. Experience seamanship onboard a 104-year-old square-rigger. This historic vessel allows you to take an active role in your Atlantic crossing should you choose; participation is always voluntary. “The Eye of the Wind” is a celebrity in its own right. She has navigated the globe and under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Charles, served as the flagship for “Operation Drake”, a nearly two year expedition following in the footsteps of world renowned explorer, Sir Francis Drake. Your 10-day journey begins on the tropical shores of the Bahamas then through the endless expanse to Bermuda. Your personal chef will prepare meals morning, noon, and night while your crew caters to your every needs. This one of a kind sailing is offered March 12th to March 22nd and is currently 25% off. Step onboard a historic ship and marvel at the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean.

Indian Ocean Sailings

There are few unspoiled and wild archipelagos in the world more captivating than off of the Kenyan coast in Africa. After landing at the airport of Manda your captain will welcome you onboard Kaskazi. This impressive 19 meter catamaran is fashioned after the traditional double Polynesian canoe. Relax on or below deck as Kaskazi navigates the channels between desert islands and Safari lands into some of the most untouched and exclusive waters on Earth.   No other yacht charter offers this itinerary in the Lamu archipelago. Visit ancient Swahili villages; sip cocktails at exclusive resorts, swim, dive, snorkel and fish off of breathtaking beaches. Four separate sailings in December and January offer a break from frigid winter temperatures and into sundrenched waters off of Africa.

For a more intimate experience join us in Mauritius. Located in the southern Indian Ocean this enchanting island is rich in history and idyllic beaches. Our 14-meter catamaran has four standard double cabins with private bathrooms, and a crew of two, including a personal chef. You can simply relax during your weeklong sailing or add optional excursions such as touring a sugar cane plantation and a rum distillery. Grab snorkel gear and swim with some of the world’s most magnificent marine life in crystal clear waters.666f886c82a1b851271e2d67e8328d62-8dc99-fit-1920-1080

Located between 4 degrees and 10 degrees south of the equator lies the Seychelles. You will set sail around this magical archipelago onboard a newly refurbished catamaran. As your captain navigates around the many diverse isles he will drop anchor at Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. These two picturesque spots have both landed on the world’s top ten beaches list in recent years. The grantic islands of the Seychelles boast rare wildlife and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Vallee de Mai, once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden. Your luxurious cruise will showcase some of the world’s most unspoiled islands and waters on Earth.


Yacht Charter Holidays

Nothing will take the chill out of your winter better than Caribbean yacht cruises or sailings in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. IntersailClub offers dozens of exotic and intimate sailings this season. Let our crews spoil you and set you on the right course for adventure and relaxation.

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