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May 21, 2015 IntersailClub
World sailing: Brazil Cup 2014

World sailing: Brazil Cup 2014


Brasil world cup accomodation sailing charter

IntersailClub has caught the Futbol Fever!  Here is a breakdown of how to score tickets and where to catch the action!

When you think of Brazil, the first images that pop into your mind are soccer, skimpy bikinis, caphrinas and carnival – a combination that is bound to leave you punch-drunk on paradise.  As if endless white beaches, a mosaic of mountains and rainforests, and one of the sexiest populations on the planet didn’t already add up to an unfair share of heaven, Brazil is hosting 2014 FIFA World Cup.

From the 12th of June until the 13th of July, all eyes will be on Brazil for one of the most anticipated sporting event of the decade.  Not only is this the World Cup, but it being played in a country that lives, breathes and sweats soccer.  Kicking off in Sao Paulo on the 13th of June and with the final being held in the iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio, the 2014 Soccer World Cup promises to be as passionate, unpredictable and unforgettable as Brazil itself.

IntersailClub has a once in a lifetime opportunity for Soccer Fans travelling to Rio.  Spend your days in the heart of the World Cup and your nights in a cabin on a magnificent steel ketch, moored in one of the most picturesque harbours on the planet.  On a bed and breakfast basis, with daily cruises, there is no better way to experience the World Cup in Rio.  See our website for more info about the sailing yacht available in the marina of Rio.

The How – ticket information:

The first batch of tickets released on the 20th of August last year was sold out almost immediately, with a huge demand for the remaining tickets.  There are 2 types of tickets, team specific  or venue specific, depending on whether you want to support your team, or plan to visit a specific city.

The next available dates to purchase tickets are:

26 February – 1 April: Phase 2, first come, first served

14 April – 13 July: Last Minute tickets

Note: you can only book your tickets through  Tickets are booked in your name and can only be sold / resold through the official Fifa site.  Don’t be fooled into buying counterfeit tickets, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Whether you get your hands on tickets or not, if Carnival is anything to go by,  the pre and post game celebrations are sure to be as memorable as the games themselves.


Group A Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Group B Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

Group C Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

Group D Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

Group E Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras

Group F Argentina, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Iran, Nigeria

Group G Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

Group H Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

The where and when: stadiums and games


Rio de Janeiro – Maracanã

Sunday, 15 June, 19.00 (Argentina x Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Wednesday, 18 June, 16.00 (Spain x Chile)

Sunday, 22 June, 13.00 (Belgium x Russia)

Wednesday, 25 June, 17.00 (Ecuador x France)

Saturday, 28 June, 17.00 (round of 16)

Friday, 4 July, 13.00 (quarter-final)

Sunday, 13 July, 16.00 (Final)

Brasília – Mané Garrincha

Sunday, 15 June, 13.00 (Switzerland x Ecuador)

Thursday, 19 June, 13.00 (Colombia x Ivory Coast)

Monday, 23 June, 17.00 (Brazil x Cameroon)

Thursday, 26 June, 13.00 (Portugal x Ghana)

Monday, 30 June, 13.00 (round of 16)

Saturday, 5 July, 13.00 (quarter-final)

Saturday, 12 July, 17.00 (3rd/4th place play off)

São Paulo – Fielzão

Thursday, 12 June, 17.00 (Brazil x Croatia – Opening Game)

Thursday, 19 June, 16.00 (Uruguay x England)

Monday, 23 June, 13.00 (Netherlands x Chile)

Thursday, 26 June, 17.00 (Belgium x South Korea)

Tuesday, 1 July, 13.00 (round of 16)

Wednesday, 9 July, 17.00 (semi-final)

Belo Horizonte – Mineirão

Saturday, 14 June, 13.00 (Colombia x Greece)

Tuesday, 17 June, 13.00 (Belgium x Algeria)

Saturday, 21 June, 13.00 (Argentina x Iran)

Tuesday, 24 June, 13.00 (Costa Rica x England)

Saturday, 28 June, 13.00 (round of 16)

Tuesday, 8 July, 17.00 (semi-final)

Fortaleza – Castelão

Saturday, 14 June, 16.00 (Uruguay x Costa Rica)

Tuesday, 17 June, 16.00 (Brazil x Mexico)

Saturday, 21 June, 16.00 (Germany x Ghana)

Tuesday, 24 June, 17.00 (Greece x Ivory Coast)

Sunday, 29 June, 13.00 (round of 16)

Friday, 4 July, 17.00 (quarter-final)

Salvador – Fonte Nova

Saturday, 14 June, 16.00 (Spain x Netherlands)

Monday, 16 June, 13.00 (Germany x Portugal)

Friday, 20 June, 16.00 (Switzerland x France)

Wednesday, 25 June, 13.00 (Bosnia-Herzegovina x Iran)

Tuesday, 1 July, 17.00 (round of 16)

Saturday, 5 July, 17.00 (quarter-final)


Natal – Machadão

Friday, 13 June, 13.00 (Mexico x Cameroon)

Monday, 16 June, 19.00 (Ghana x USA)

Thursday, 19 June, 19.00 (Greece x Japan)

Tuesday, 24 June, 13.00 (Uruguay x Italy)

Cuiaba – Verdão

Friday, 13 June, 18.00 (Chile x Australia)

Tuesday, 17 June, 18.00 (Russia x South Korea)

Saturday, 21 June, 18.00 (Bosnia-Herzegovina x Nigeria)

Tuesday, 24 June, 16.00 (Colombia x Japan)

Manaus – Vivaldão

Saturday, 14 June, 18.00 (England x Italy)

Wednesday, 18 June, 18.00 (Croatia x Cameroon)

Sunday, 22 June, 18.00 (Portugal x USA)

Wednesday, 25 June, 16.00 (Switzerland x Honduras)

Recife – Pernambuco Arena

Saturday, 14 June, 22.00 (Ivory Coast x Japan)

Friday, 20 June, 13.00 (Ecuador x Honduras)

Monday, 23 June, 17.00 (Spain x Australia)

Thursday, 26 June, 13.00 (Algeria x Russia)

Saturday, 29 June, 17.00 (round of 16)

Porto Alegre – Beria Rio

Sunday, 15 June, 16.00 (France x Honduras)

Wednesday, 18 June, 13.00 (Netherlands x Australia)

Sunday, 22 June, 16.00 (Algeria x South Korea)

Wednesday, 25 June, 13.00 (Argentina x Nigeria)

Monday, 30 June, 17.00 (round of 16)

Curitiba – Arena da Baixada

Monday, 16 June, 16.00 (Iran x Nigeria)

Friday, 20 June, 19.00 (Ecuador x Honduras)

Monday, 23 June, 13.00 (Spain x Australia)

Thursday, 26 June, 17.00 (Algeria x Russia)

Useful sites to visit:

Looking for accommodation in Rio de Janeiro? …  Check out our sailing yacht waiting for you in the marina of Rio!

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