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November 12, 2019 IntersailClub


Planning a holiday, while being fun and exciting, can also be fraught with tension. Questions like:

I am going to the right place?, getting the best deal?, going in the right period? Will always come up, perhaps even more so, when planning a sailing holiday.

Stromboli, Sicily – Explore the Aeolian Islands on this deluxe gulet cruise

There are many destinations and even more sailboats, catamarans and gulets to choose from and the company who manages the yacht will play a big role too in the good come out of a sailing holiday. You can rely on your charter broker, like Intersailclub, to help you juggle all the offers, the possible destinations and opportunities, but to get the best deals out there the old saying the early bird gets the worm, comes easily to mind!

Here are 3 very interesting reasons why you should book your sailing holiday in advance:

The Early Booking Discount

If you can gather a crew and specify the exact charter period no later than six months before your sailing trip, you will be offered a special discount, called early booking discount. Normally it will be a 10% discount on the listed price of the yacht, but sometimes you can be offered more. Reservations made prior to the end of February, when the early booking discount ends, ensure better occupancy to the charter company, that will want to start filling their calendars again and better deals and choice range for the clients.

The Best Choice of Yachts

Asking in advance for availabilities, means you will have a greater choice of sailboats, catamarans and gulets that will still be free for your preferred yacht charter period and destination, especially if we are speaking of luxury sailing yachts and specialized or themed cruises. Earlier in the season the range of choice is wider and while it may seem daunting to take a decision with so many options open to you, it will also give you the opportunity to find, with a little help from your agent, the perfect boat for your needs and the best deal to boot!

The Cheaper Flights and Accomodations 

Finally, your sailing trip will most probably be in a location that needs to be reached by plane. The cost of the transportation to reach your starting marina often have a great impact in the decision of the location, but making flight reservations in advance, since airline ticket prices commonly increase in the last two weeks before flying, will mean getting cheaper tickets and perhaps open the possibility to reach far away destinations, that would be out of questions when booking on short notice.

So, be an early bird and get your preferred yacht, in your dream destination at the best deal!

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