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May 21, 2015 IntersailClub
Travel mate: Tango Teacher aboard

Travel mate: Tango Teacher aboard

Spend your days cruising these seven little volcanic islands surrounded by the warm Mediterranean sea and your nights learning to dance the Tango in the most idyllic setting.

Raquel Greenberg, Tango Teacher of the Year 2014 and Lukas winner, will be on board to give classes according to the dance experience of the people on board. In a recent article in Latino Life, Raquel shares her love for the dance:

“What is it about Tango? The versality of the music allows a wide range of expressions and moods even during one song (usually lasting 3 minutes). The music is so profound and rich, not mechanic and with one single beat, that it touches your heart and soul. The language and dialogue of the dance in the couple is so sensitive and subtile that it requires a team work and this by itself is so challenging a part of the complex technique. I love transmitting and communicating to students this art form not only as a dance but as a whole – culture and tradition, anecdotes, rich music and stories.”

We have sought out the most beautiful spots of the serene Aeolian islands for you to explore, from Lipari to Salina and the volcanic islands of Stromboli.  We then selected locations such as the villa that hosted the Filicudi Tango Festival in 2013 to organize Milonga dance nights in a unique setting.

What are you waiting for? Grab your dancing shoes and visit our website to book your cabin on this incredible cruise.


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