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The Pontine Islands are of volcanic origin, they meet in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea in front of the Lazio coast, very close to Rome. This archipelago is composed of Ponza, Ventotene, S. Stefano, Palmarola and Zannone (these last 3 are
uninhabited). Many spots are reacheable only by renting a boat or joining a cabin charter cruises, plenty of options to jump o a yacht and visit this archipelago by boat.
The island of Ponza is among the most interesting and beautiful landing places in the Mediterranean. The rocky profile of the coast is almost steep and jagged everywhere and alternates with a few splendid beaches. The seabed is rich in marine flora and fauna and the colors of the sea become extraordinary at different times of the year. This set of natural features, history the island, the port area with its shops and excellent restaurants and the fun on land make it a destination
interesting and very busy. The island of Ponza with its port offers the possibility of anchoring. Spots to visit by boat: from Punta Santa Maria to Punta Frontone, Cala Inferno. There are two beautiful beaches that offer good protection for spending the night at anchor. The wonderful Chiaia di Luna bay has unique caves and a beach connected to the city by a tunnel built by the Ancient Romans. Cala Feola and Cala dell' Acqua and the famous Natural Arch on the northeast side of Ponza.

Palmarola is undoubtedly to be appreciated for the solitude, the silence and the wonder of its transparent waters and
deep. Due to its volcanic rock bottoms and more, the island is now a protected nature reserve. It is the most western and the second largest of the Pontine islands. The island offers extraordinary views like the composition oxidianica and variously colored rock cliffs, caves, cliffs and bays. This island is uninhabited and reacheable only by boat once on the island you can enjoy a good meal in the only restaurant on the island named O'Francese specializing in seafood dishes and local specialties.

Zannone has an area of ​​just over one square kilometer. It is part of the Circeo National Park for his beauty and integrity of its environment. The island is uninhabited, but is controlled by the Forestry Services. It has an origin
sedimentary unlike the volcanic origin of the other Pontine Islands.
Ventotene is the smallest inhabited island in the Pontine Archipelago and is located halfway between Ponza and Ischia. The island is particularly quiet and far from the chaos of the city and is totally immersed in the natural spectacle of a
really crystal clear sea.
Santo Stefano is the smallest of the Pontine islands. It is of volcanic origin and is uninhabited. The sea around the island is rich in different species of fish. From the top of its cliffs it is possible to admire the nearby Ventotene, and looking
towards the south, you can see the mountainous profile of Ischia.

This page has been written with the contribution of Mr.Pino (who runs his own yacht charter company in Pontine Islands - see here his itineraries (available also in other countries)

Our recommended yacht cruises in Pontine Islands

Embarking from the Marina di Nettuno located at the foot of the medieval village and 1 hour car from Rome you can reach in a few hours navigation the Pontine Islands Archipelago and visit all the wonderful pearls with a weekly itinerary
Archipelago. Or in alternative there are also other embarking towns like Circeo, Fiumicino and Ostia. If you are spending a time during spring visiting Rome you could also jump on a boat for a weekend to visit the Archipelago. There are sailboats and catamarans for both private use or you can ask to our team to find a cabin chater cruise and join other travelers on the same boat. Palmarola with its bay Cala del Porto offers good anchorage and good protection from east and north winds
Eastern. There are many water mirrors where bathing and many caves to explore between Punta Tramontana on the north side, and the areas between the Faraglione di Mezzogiorno and the Scoglio di Suvace immediately east of it.

There are two possible anchor points: Capo Negro to the north, and Punta Varo to the south but it is not advisable to stay at anchor for the night since there is no good protection from the wind and from the sea. 

In the island of Zannone also uninhabited the anchor points are: Capo Negro to the north, and Punta Varo to the south. 

The island of Ventotene has two small and beautiful beaches behind the inhabited area: Cala Rossano and Cala Nave. In remote isolated areas from the port there are some stretches of beach like those of Parata della Postina, Moggio di Terra and Parata Grande. Scoglio la Nave is also a rock nice to reach for a swim in the eastern part of the Ventotene sea.


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The archipelago of the Pontine Islands, initially colonized by the Phoenicians and later by the Greeks and the Romans, was always a strategic hub for the Mediterranean trade routes. He became acquainted with the Romans of his period
flourishing, soon becoming a holiday destination for the aristocracy of society. It has been a land of conquest over time
for Aragonese, English and Bourbons, until in 1861 Giuseppe Garibaldi led the "expedition of the Thousand" defeated the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Pontine Islands were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.

In the Island of Ventotene there is the famous and characteristic Ancient Roman Port where only small boats can enter, otherwise you can access from the town right above it (a second larger marina is also available on the Island). At the Town Hall an interesting Museum of the Sea that offers a detailed explanation of local history. 

In the Island of Zannone it is possible to visit the ruins of a Benedictine convent and the natural museum. In Zannone island deserves absolutely a visit the Bourbon prison.

Weather in Pontine Islands

June is the hottest month in Havana with an average temperature of 27°C (81°F) and the coldest is January at 21°C (70°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in July. The wettest month is June with an average of 80mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 30°C (86°F).

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